Is Chrishell Stause Justin Hartley Divorced?

American actor Chrishell Stause said that he could not manage her first marriage and they are in the process of divorce. Is Chrishell Stause Justin Hartley Divorced?

With the loss of harmony between Chrishell Stause Justin Hartley over time, divorce cases resulted. The famous couple surprised everyone with their marriage in 2017 and it was thought that they lived in harmony. However, the conflict between Chrishell and her husband lasted only 2 years and gave the signals that they would divorce in 2019.

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Chrishell Stause Blinded By Justin Hartley Divorce Papers

This Is Us star Justin Hartley’s estranged wife, Chrishell Stause, believes money is ruining their marriage. Sources close to the couple claimed that Stause was completely blind when Hartley filed for divorce, but it was even more troublesome when they listed the date of separation as July 2019. He lied that they were together until the end of November and did not break up. Paying alimony to Hartley’s Spouse.

In her official divorce application, Hartley wrote that their separation date is July 8, 2019. Internal sources say Stause specifically objected to this date and they were together until November 22, 2019.

It’s true that the couple went public together throughout the summer and fall, so their separation dates are a bit of a mystery. But for Stause, that’s exactly why the This Is Us star pushed history back a few months.

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According to TMZ, Stause believes some sort of agreement was on the table when Hartley filed for divorce. A source claims that Hartley lied about her separation date thus avoiding paying in divorce.

Stause is seeking spousal support as part of the decision and is asking Hartley to pay legal fees. The player reportedly refused this request, so the fate of their financial future is in the hands of a judge.

Stause was shocked like everyone else when she heard that Hartley had filed for divorce. Although the two struggled for a long time, he didn’t think they’d gotten to the point where divorce was on the table.

Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley are officially divorced

Stause and Hartley have been pretty quiet about the divorce despite the drama it created on social media. However, Stause made a comment on her split on Dec.

“It’s hard to watch people change in front of you. But it is even harder to remember who they used to be,” he wrote.

The actress later removed the “stepmother” and “wife” tags from her social media accounts.

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Hartley has yet to say anything about the divorce. She was seen working on a photo shoot on December 5 and was not wearing a wedding ring. The image confirmed that the separation rumors were true.

Stause and Hartley have been dating for four years before getting married in the fall of 2017. His first marriage was to Lindsay Hartley, with whom he shared his daughter, Isabella.

Although Justin Hartley has been married twice, he still hasn’t found the love he was looking for. The famous actress recently married Chrishell Stause, but their marriage only lasted 4 years. Hartley will now have 1 ex-wife and her divorce with Chrishell Stause seems to have put her at ease. After the famous actor ended his marriage, he had a new wife. The actor, who married Sofia Pernas, stated that they would be happier together.

Shortly after Justin divorced in 2021, he married Sofia Pernas. Sofia Pernas has a calm personality and is expressed as someone who is almost in love with her husband.

Sofia Pernas is an American actress of Moroccan-Hispanic descent currently living in Los Angeles. She starred in the NBC series The Brave and currently starred in the CBS series Blood & Treasure.

Sofia Pernas knows as an actor and model like Chrishell Stause. Sofia believes that she can get along better with her husband and will have a happy home.

Chrishell Stause is currently single

Chrishell Stause has yet to date anyone after her divorce from her husband. Stating that she needs to clear her head and focus on her work, Stause is currently known to be single.

We know that Chrishell Stause will have many suitors right now. It was claimed that Stause, who is both a beautiful and successful woman, is not yet willing to have a relationship with a man again. But life is always full of surprises.