List of Interesting Facts About Women’s Health

Interesting Facts About Women’s Health And Facts You’ve Never Heard Of.

Women’s Health And Interesting Information

  1. Women are emotional so they experience migraine attacks more frequently.
    It is true that the frequency of migraines is higher in women, but not because they are too emotional. This is due to hormonal and genetic differences and the effect of these hormones on brain chemistry.

2. I’m pregnant then I have to eat for two.
Studies show that a pregnant woman needs only 300 calories per day. This corresponds to a large house cookie. It is known that the probability of children with mothers who gain excess weight during pregnancy is 30-35 percent.

3. Cardiovascular diseases are male diseases.
Although the estrogen hormone seems to protect women against cardiovascular disease up to menopause, women with risk factors such as smoking, excess weight, inactivity, pastry food consumption, and high blood pressure become earlier than their peers. Moreover, diabetic women are known to have a 2-fold higher risk of heart attack than diabetic men.

4. Symptoms of heart attacks in women are similar to those in men.
Severe pain in the middle of the chest, near or to the left of the typical chest attack, appears to be less common in women. Only 30 percent of women who have had a heart attack apply to the hospital with this typical pain. Instead, there may be complaints such as suddenly exhausted, sweating, shortness of breath, nausea and anxiety.

5. Women have a lower mortality rate after a heart attack.
According to one study, 93 out of 100 men and 83 out of 100 women are reported to be alive 2 weeks after a heart attack.

6. Women have higher survival rates after heart bypass surgery and stenting.
On the contrary, women have higher mortality rates in these situations than men. In fact, according to a study, women under 50 are three times more likely to die after bypass and stent than men.

7. Women’s heart breaks quickly.
A special form of heart attack, broken and broken heart syndrome, is seen more frequently in women. Although there is no accumulation of oil and lime, the sudden contraction of the heart vein can cause a typical heart attack. In this case, the angiovascular vessels are open, but the heart muscle is damaged. Fortunately, most of the time, this damage can completely recover after months.

8. Women are unlucky in terms of reproductive anatomy.
It is partially correct.
Gynecological cancers are more lethal than both pregnancy and birth risk events and prostate cancer.

9. Paralysis is less common in women like heart attacks.
Vascular diseases most often occur with a heart attack in men. Stroke, paralysis, takes the second place. In contrast to women over 55, the first symptom is seen as paralysis or heart failure.

10. Rheumatism is more common in women.
Rheumatic diseases, a chronic germ-free chronic inflammatory process in the body, are more common in women. Moreover, cardiovascular disease is more common in women with rheumatic disease.

Other Information About Women

  1. Women smell better.
    It is known that the ability of women to distinguish odors is much better than men during the period from adolescence to menopause. This is attributed to hormonal causes. He can even realize that his wife is worried about the smell of sweat in his athlete.
  2. Women choose their mate according to their smell.
    It’s true for both breeds.
    Natural skin smell, even unconscious, is the first step in choosing a wife. Spouses tend to choose the person who is different from their genetic makeup. It is attributed to the fact that hybrids are more durable, productive and beautiful in nature. An interesting study proves this: It is reported that the women who smell men’s t-shirts worn for 2 days without using soap and perfume, the men’s t-shirts of very different genetic structures are attractive, while those who use contraceptives cannot distinguish this difference.
  • Antidepressant drugs help women make the right decision.
    It is claimed that antidepressants, which are among the most used drugs today, may cause false evaluations in the choice of spouses in women. It is said that those who use antidepressants that affect the seratonin, also called the hormone of happiness, may experience the problem of not falling in love.
  • Breast cancer is a disease after the age of 40.
    Although it is mostly seen above the age of 40, it should not be forgotten that 5 percent of the patients are under the age of 40. It is recommended to monitor more closely those who have breast cancer in their mother and sister.
  • Hereditary is very important in breast cancer.
    Contrary to popular belief, the hereditary transition in breast cancer is quite low, below 10 percent. Environmental factors are much more important. Regular exercise, broccoli, cabbage, kefir, olive oil consumption and vitamin D significantly reduce the risk.

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