Interesting fashion designer outfit from Kim Kardashian at MET Gala 2021

Never seen like this on the red carpet! Some hid their face, some showed their armpits. MET GALA 2021 was on the agenda with the clothes worn by the celebrities. Gala, attended by many famous names, attracted attention with clothes with different designs.

Known as the Oscar of fashion, MET Gala 2021 brought together famous stars in stylish, interesting and remarkable costumes. At the gala, hosted by the Costume Institute, with the theme “America: A Fashion Dictionary”, Kim Kardashian’s interesting costume, which completely covered her face, came to the fore, while Madonna’s opposite daughter Lourdes Leon showed her armpits on the red carpet. Here are the costumes of the celebrities at the MET Gala 2021.

The event, which is known as the night of fashion and has been organized to collect donations for the Metropolitan Museum in New York since 1948, ended the break it took due to the pandemic with a glorious night. Famous names from the world of art and fashion left their mark on the night with their stylish, interesting and wildly designed outfits. Madonna’s daughter, on the other hand, attracted attention with her outfit and movement. Here are the images from the red carpet.

Interesting fashion designer outfit from Kim Kardashian at MET Gala 2021 2

Kim Kardashian, who is often talked about with her assertive dress preferences, broke the rule this time. The 40-year-old famous star was photographed from head to toe and even in a leather outfit that completely covered his face.

The Met Gala, where the celebrities made their personal shows with the clothes they wore on the red carpet, is over. However, there is something that does not end after the organization, and that is the matter of the dress worn by Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian, who did not stay behind any scandal, did it again and managed to set the agenda.

A few times a year, she always signs the issues that determine the agenda of the magazine, if she can’t find anything, she gives different poses, at worst, she makes statements about her husband Kanye West. We are almost used to them now. Aaaaaaaah!

Interesting fashion designer outfit from Kim Kardashian at MET Gala 2021 1

At the Met Gala that took place yesterday, the color of the work changed a little more. What did Kim Kardashian do and what did she do at this gala, where the clothes of celebrities compete with each other, and she wrote her name in gold letters to the world of the tabloids.

This costume, which wraps all sides with black fabric, belongs to the famous designer of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia. This costume, which means nothing to us, is just as important to some. But that doesn’t stop us from comparing Kim Kardashian to other things.