Instagram model Yasmine Cecilia with her face covered in blood

Instagram model Yasmine Cecilia got hammered at her home party!

Model Yasmine Cecilia, who became famous with a program she made on a television channel in the Netherlands, was attacked by a guest who attended her party at her home. The famous model, stating that he punched the attacker many times in the face, said, “It continued to hit when I fell to the ground.”

Yasmine, who is on the agenda with her poses on her Instagram account, has now become the agenda with her home party. Instagram model Yasmine was striking with her beauty.


Instagram model Yasmine Cecilia had moments of horror after her home party. One of the party attendees attacked the young woman after she refused to leave the house.

Model Yasmine Cecilia, who became famous with the Ex On The Beach program in the Netherlands, became one of the last victims of violence against women. Cecilia shared her experiences on social media and said that the terrible incident happened after her party at her home.


Stating that towards the end of the party the young model guests started to leave the house, but one person was sleeping on the sofa, “I woke him up and told him to go to his house when the party was over. kept hitting, ”he said.


Yasmine Cecilia Screams heard

Hearing the screams of the young woman in blood, her neighbors notified the police and medical teams. It was found that the young model, who was taken to the hospital, had brain trauma and a broken nose.


Cecilia, who was kept under treatment for two days, said, “The police released the man after 5-6 hours of detention. I will take the necessary steps to ensure justice. I will not use social media for a while to take care of myself. We must stand together and strong.”

Yasmine Cecilia stated that she experienced a psychological tranva after that terrible incident. The model, who stated that he complained about the people who beat his face, became the agenda in the Dutch press.


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