Instagram model Anel Alejandra Rodriguez (annel_90) gets the limelight with her photos

One of the most popular women on Instagram is Anel Alejandra Rodriguez. Anel Alejandra Rodriguez is known for her fashion modeling on Instagram and her favorite profession in social life is modeling. Anel Alejandra Rodriguez, who is known as annel_90 on Instagram and managed to attract thousands of people with her many photos, has already reached millions of followers. “Anel Alejandra Rodriguez”, who managed to be known for her twerk dance in tiktok as well as Instagram, is named as one of the most different girls on the Tiktok platform.

Instagram model annel 90 became the center of attention with her photos 4 gmspors

Anel Alejandra Rodriguez has more than 1.6 million followers on her Instagram. Likewise, “Anel Alejandra Rodriguez” is one of the most popular women in Tiktok with over 2.1 million followers. The most striking feature of Anel Alejandra Rodriguez physique is the big hips. One of the most striking aspects of the photos he shared on her Instagram account using the pseudonym annel_90 is the size of her hips.

Anel beats the famous ‘Dracukeo’ from TikTok and gets thousands of ‘likes’

Instagram model annel 90 became the center of attention with her photos 3 gmspors

Anel Rodríguez set TikTok on fire after she shared a video of her dancing with the famous ‘Dracukeo’.

The beautiful chauffeur appears in a military print outfit while demonstrating his dancing talent. It should be noted that Anel did not surprise his fans for the first time.

‘Beautiful woman’, ‘You are an incredibly beautiful girl, with all due respect’, ‘You are just a true Goddess’,’ You are so beautiful Anel, I love you. More TikTok, please liked this’ are just some of the comments the beautiful presenter received.

Just a few days after posting the material, it surpassed 20 thousand ‘likes’ and received more than two hundred comments.

@anelalejandrarodrResponder a @saulo_payaso_peleoner♬ sonido original – Anel Alejandra Rodriguez Trejo

Anel Alejandra Rodriguez continues to frequently post dance videos in Trejo Tiktok. Her latest twerk dance on Tiktok has earned her millions of likes. Millions of people watched her twerk dance with her big hips.

@anelalejandrarodr😘❤️🧸♬ sonido original – Cold Whisky YoiS

@anelalejandrarodr♬ Follow The Bass – Dan Salles

Instagram model annel 90 became the center of attention with her photos 2 gmspors

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