Instagram Judge attended the hearing half-naked

The judge, who was criticized by her colleagues for sharing photos of her in underwear on Instagram, signed a new scandal and attended the online hearing half-naked.

The judge attended the hearing half-naked

Local news reported that the Colombian judge, who caused controversy after being caught smoking in her underwear during the Zoom hearing, was suspended.

The incident was brought to the attention of Colombia’s National Judicial Ethics Commission after one of the lawyers at the trial reported Judge Vivian Polania’s alleged misconduct.

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The 33-second video shows the Cucuta judge discussing whether a man in a cardigan and underwear should be released on bail during a virtual trial while smoking and being detained for a terrorist attack with a car bomb.

The judge had been repeatedly warned on her personal Instagram account for posting photos of her in half-dressed clothes with clothing discount codes. In response to previous warnings, Polania had responded by arguing that she had only described herself as “braless and open-minded”.

“Not all judges, lawyers and other government employees are the same. What I wear and show on my social media is my decision and I won’t change anything,” Polania said. This time, however, the backlash against the Colombian judge stems not from his online behavior in his personal space, but from those in his online professional space.

In its written decision to suspend Polania from office, effective until February 2023, Colombia’s National Judicial Ethics Commission said it had “all the necessary amenities” to present itself properly, even though the courtroom is virtual.

Instagram judge attended the hearing half-naked

In its decision to suspend, the commission stated, “It is the duty of this commission to avoid the repetition of the judge’s contempt for his own position and disrespect towards his colleagues in the prosecution, prosecution and defense.”

We find no explanation for the judge to present himself in such unacceptable circumstances while having the facilities of her own home and all the necessary amenities to prepare for a public hearing appropriately and with the respect it deserves.

In an interview with Blu Radio, Polania also added that she had been bullied by other judges for years for her behavior on the internet, adding that they had told her that “if she didn’t change her behavior, she would open disciplinary proceedings”.

Speaking to the radio station this week, Polania said: “You never know when you’re going to have an anxiety attack. I always wear my robe,” adding that “her blood pressure has dropped”.

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