Instagram Announces Translation Feature For Stories

Instagram has announced a new feature. Instagram finally brought a translation feature to stories, here are the details…

After Instagram introduced the Translation Feature for Stories, the details began to be curious. Social media giant Instagram draws attention with the features it has been working on and published for a while. Now, we are here with the special that he added to the stories section. With this feature, users will be able to translate the texts in the stories into their own language.

Instagram announces translation feature for stories gmspors

Like many other social media applications, Instagram brings innovations to its platform and constantly informs users about the features it is working on. We can show these features the recently introduced content filtering system, the widget feature that will speed up the transitions between accounts, and the security-oriented Security Checkup feature.

Now, the social media giant is here with an innovation it brought to the stories section. With this feature, users will be able to see the translations of articles in foreign languages ​​without leaving the story. Here are the details:

Instagram Story Translation Feature has more than 90 languages

This feature works automatically. While navigating the stories, the system detects foreign language texts and the “See Translation” option is added under the username at the top. When this option is pressed, the small window at the bottom shows both the original text and the translated version of the text.

Supporting more than 90 languages, including English, Spanish and Turkish, and available all over the world, this feature aims to facilitate content sharing with an international audience. In fact, Instagram has been using the translation feature in the posts, bio section and comments since 2016. Along with the innovation, this feature seems to come to the stories section and make the platform one step more understandable for everyone.

Instagram says that the version of this feature, which translates foreign content in stories and is highly appreciated, is not possible for now. Apart from Instagram, another social media application that stood out with its innovations was Twitter. You can share your thoughts about the translation feature and your experiences in the comments section if you have tried the feature.

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