Inspiring Life Story of Gabe Adams, Born Without Arms and Legs, and Make-Up Video You’ll Admire

Gabe Adams’s Inspirational Life Story and Makeup Video You Will Admire Born Without Arms Legs, reached thousands of followers.

Born with Hanhart syndrome, Gabe Adams was born with no arms and legs. But he doesn’t let that stop his from dancing, applying makeup or enjoying the world.

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Born in Brazil, Gabe Adams was abandoned by his family soon after he was born. However, the adoption of Adams by a US family after a difficult adoption process brings his life to a whole new level.

Growing up in Utah, Adams learned to walk after initially trying to live in a wheelchair after his family felt he needed to be independent in life.

He himself says that one of the proudest moments of his life was when he learned to walk.

When Gabe Adams started school, he joined the dance team as a way to make friends and realized that he could turn his limbless body into the art of break dance.

He became a professional dancer and participated in many shows.

After graduating from high school, he continued to prove his independence, left the family home and embarked on a career as a motivational speaker.

He also connected his life with the person he loved.

The shares of Gabe Adams, who also uses social media very effectively, are watched and liked by millions of people.

One of his millions of watched videos of his makeup without arms and legs: 👇

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