Influencer Andrea Mengual impresses with her bikini

Andrea Mengual shares very special photos to her fans with her bikini style. Sexy influencer is quite successful in attracting attention by highlighting her physique.

Vlogging character who has acquired notoriety for her self-named YouTube channel. She has procured colossal notoriety for her design takes and attempt ons frequently with way of life and excellence video blogs.

A few bikini poses from influencer Andrea Mengual, one of social media’s most popular Spanish celebrities and a friendship with Marta Diaz.

Andrea Mengual is a phenomenon with millions of fans

Andrea Mengual is a phenomenon with millions of fans, she produces content on Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram.

She started her YouTube direct in April 2015.

She has amassed in excess of 500,000 YouTube endorsers. She has likewise acquired than 700,000 devotees to her andreiiflu Instagram account.

Her long-term sweetheart’s name is Pau Perez.

Individual web-based entertainment diva Àngela Mármol has showed up in photographs on her Instagram page.

Andrea Mengual, better known as Andreiflu, is 26 years old and stands out for her dancing skills. She has 2,400,000 followers on TikTok.

Actually, she is a dance teacher and broadcasts live dance lessons twice a week. Although she appears to be dancing in most of her videos, she also shares humorous little sketches with her friends and partner Pau Pérez.

One of the 10 most followed people in Barcelona

Andreiflu became one of the 10 most followed people among Tiktok celebrities in Barcelona.

Andrea Mengual has become one of the most popular Tiktok influencers in the city of Barcelona and has already reached 2.4 million subscribers.

It increases interaction on Tiktok by gaining new followers every day and is expected to reach 5 million subscribers in the near future. There are TikTok users who follow him not only from Spain but also from America and England.

Although she does not prefer to comment much on why she is famous, it is certain that she is among the most popular spanish tiktok girls of recent years.

Bikini poses drew attention

Andrea Mengual is a woman who attracts the attention of millions of people only with her social media posts. Her bikini poses in the last months seem to have attracted the attention of her fans, and those photos received thousands of likes and comments in a short time.

She is already a confident woman and in her current state she is quite good at keeping her weight under control.

She’s physically active and dieting, and it’s a known fact that she trains to dance and leads a fun lifestyle.

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