inFamous: Second Son DLC is free on PS Store

Infamous second son 1 gmspors

The inFamous: Second Son DLC is now free on PlayStation Store. This development is seen as an effort by the producer company to win back its players.

InFamous Second Son, released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in 2014 by Sucker Punch Productions, takes place in Seattle, USA, and we control the 24-year-old character Delsin Rowe in the game. There has been a good news development for those who want to play this game, which attracts with its fluency and subject, again.

Infamous second son 1 gmspors

The rarest of the inFamous Second Son DLCs is free

Some DLCs for inFamous Second Son are currently available on the PlayStation Store. One of these free inFamous Second Son DLCs, Cole’s Legacy, established a tie between inFamous 2 and inFamous Second Son, but was only previously available for pre-order or with a special edition of the base game. This caused fewer players to reach the DLC and other players to not understand this connection. The news came today when Sucker Punch tweeted that Cole’s Legacy is available for free in most regions, except in regions that require a small fee due to local restrictions.

The free release of Cole’s Legacy was originally promised in a blog post on July 1. It is said that the producer company is trying to return the fans of the game to the game and therefore will continue to support the game. This effort allegedly includes maintenance of inFamous 2’s UGC servers and plans to move the servers to a new home that will keep them up and running for a little longer.

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