The Surprising Facts Between Male and Female Relationships ready to spark your interest

Incredible Facts Between Relationships

We Prepared The Amazing Facts Between Men And Women For You. The differences in relationship status and the incredible facts of the two individuals are in a way that makes you think.

1- You will continue to desire other men.

2- You will accept that other men will continue to desire you.

3- Long term relationship does not mean an incredible sexual chemistry or two people being two halves of an apple. Understanding and compromise are the basis of long-term relationship.

4- The drunkenness of the first six months will definitely end and there will be boredom in the relationship. However, aging alone is not very exciting.

5- Do not hold your partner responsible for the problems coming from your childhood, do not expect a solution from it. These are your responsibility. The same goes for him. Just be understanding with one another.

6- Long-term relationships have some rewards: comfort, support, a sense of trust, but maintaining them is not as easy as expected.

7- You may have to give up the relationship one day. Children make the situation difficult.

8- No matter how hard you think your relationship is, no one can guarantee you that we will not be deceived. Financial problems and life stress can also cause you problems.

9- The really difficult period of the relationship begins after the wedding.

10- Love is not always enough. Despite love, sometimes giving up may be the right choice.

  • There really is a man for every woman. If it is time to get married and mess with the child and you haven’t found one yet, you may have the problem.


12- Men never change. If anyone has to change, it is you.

13- Every time you meet new people, you will have to listen to your man’s favorite jokes. This situation will not change over time.

14- You should never laugh at a man’s genitals. They do not accept humor on this matter. 15 Surely they have a buddy or an honest friend. one

6-Men have less self-confidence than you think. They want to hear that they are always handsome and important to you and hate being taken under control.

17- All men love rough and waist-down jokes.

18- Men care about regular sex life.

19- A man who says he loves you as much as his dog really loves you. If he says he loves you more than his dog, know that he is lying.

20- Men are outspoken. If he loves you, he will not be bothered by gaining weight or delaying your net, but if he doesn’t, you will surely hear them and you will most likely pay the price of your negligence.

21- If you do not want to miss your man, you should ensure that he wants you constantly.

22- It is difficult to bring a man to his knee. If he doesn’t want enough in the relationship, no power in this world can keep him with you.

23- Marrying does not mean guaranteeing a man.

24- Men forget birthdays and other important days, but expect you to remember your mother’s birthday

25- Shaving your leg with a shaver infuriates every man. 26- If you put on your new shirt and smother it with perfume, do not expect a positive reaction from your man.

27- There are no ideal men, idealness belongs to women.

28- Never clean the work table.

29- Never throw away your shabby t-shirts. They may have spiritual value, and your movement will never be forgiven.


30- Remember that your parents will be your grandparents and grandparents, except that they have never met their family or died, and try to get along with them.

31- Decide well what you mean to each other. Friend? Dear Although it looks like a small detail, this plays an important role when introducing each other to others. “Why aren’t you getting married?” Try to give a common answer to such questions.

32- You should trust your partner in every respect. Do not hide anything from each other. 33- Let him act as he is.

34- Do not look for a dog instead of a child. Your dog will experience great pain when you have children.

35- If you never agree on some issues, try to find a common solution, otherwise these issues may cause big problems in the future.

36- Always be honest with each other.

37- Although you have been together for years, sometimes meet outside like high school hangers.

38- Confess your partner something you love every day.

39- Do not let a question bring you to the point of departure. If there’s anything bothering you, talk to him when the incident is hot.

40- Always know your man’s earnings. If you know your financial situation well, you will be able to overcome financial problems and dissatisfaction in this matter more easily.

41- Your family, set certain limits about the problems you have in your childhood and some treatments you have tried and try not to overtake them. Unwarranted discussions on this issue can cause deep wounds.

42- Always close the door when you enter the toilet.

43- Have some tiny secrets special for you.

44- Let him also have some secrets. For example, don’t force him to tell all the details about his old relationships. 45- “If you tell me this again, I will leave you” threats of mine. It does not solve the problem and makes you funny.

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