Impact Wrestling star hits troll who says she ‘looks 100x better’ when first met

The two-time Impact Knockouts World Champion and powerlifter made changes to her personal fitness goals in 2020 and worked hard to earn her impressive physique.

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Top Impact Wrestling star and Power Lifter has hit out at trolls commenting on her body.

Patricia Forrest Parker, who performs under the ring name Jordynne Grace, shared an image of her flexing her toned physique on Twitter.

The 26-year-old two-time Impact Knockouts World Champion has been plagued by comments claiming she ‘looked 100 times better’ when first debuted.

Jordynne hit back at trolls tagging her in their unwanted opinions, stating she doesn’t care what they have to say.

The original tweet, which has been viewed nearly 118,000 times received thousands of likes and responses.

Many of her fans applauded her for speaking out against body shamers, with one user writing, “You look amazing, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation of why you look the way you do! Love yourself!”

Grace, who is also a powerlifter, is no stranger to trolls and body-shaming comments, recently addressing the issue on her Instagram page.

“My body is a product of being an athlete…not a product of ‘trying to look good for the gram’,” she wrote in the caption.

“I don’t need validation from anyone about my body or how I look…I’m proud of my body and what it can do!”

Impact wrestling star hits troll who says she 'looks 100x better' when first met

The picture, taken from behind, has Jordynne parading her body in a back and twofold biceps present.

While most fans gave the star praises on her noteworthy difficult work, a made a move to share studies.

In any case, one individual tweeted an old photograph of her and said: “Unfortunately this is multiple times better to me, I met you like that, I followed you like that and I will follow you as you are currently however I like this form of you more.”

Answering the tweet, Jordynee said: “Unfortunately I couldn’t care less.”

Fans leaped to safeguard the star. One expressed: “Note to every one of the women out there, make certain to check with Jose before you roll out any improvements to your appearance.”

One more added: “This is the sort of thing you don’t tweet at somebody. It’s something you mind your own business. Improve sometime later.”

“What were you expecting with this? That Jordynne would out of nowhere stop her advancement and afterward go in reverse just to conciliate you?” remarked a third.

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One adulated her, saying: “You look great the two different ways. However long your content with the manner in which you look that is the only thing that is important. Others assessments of you are only that conclusions.

“Do what fulfills you just individual you want to dazzle is yourself and your doing that consistently. Continue to crush!!”

As of late top Effect Wrestling star Deonna Purrazzo likewise hit back at savages who fat disgrace her photographs on the web.

The 28-year-old previous double cross Effect Knockouts Title holder has been tormented by misuse online lately.

One unusual Twitter client tweeted: “Deonna is getting truly fat.”

Be that as it may, she hit back, posting a photograph of herself in a dim and two-piece, on an ocean side and stated: “Definitely… she’s soooooooooo fat”.

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