Immoral content Pedophilia appeared on Christoph Metzelder’s phone and computer

297 sexual images of children were found on Christoph Metzelder’s phone and computer

As a result of a 1-year research on the phone and computers of Christoph Metzelder, who wore Real Madrid for a while, it was determined that 297 pornographic photos and videos of 30 different children were sent to third parties.

Christoph Metzelder, who wore the jerseys of Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Schalke 04 in his football career, was sentenced to prison by the Düsseldorf Prosecutor’s Office for keeping sensitive and sexual images of children on his phone.

In the information given to the press by the Düsseldorf Prosecutor; It was stated that 9 sensitive content related to children was detected on Metzelder’s phone 1 year ago. As a result of the 1-year investigation, it was informed that 297 files of pornographic photographs of 30 different children were found on their phone, as well as intimate videos of 3 women.

Christoph Metzelder: SENT FROM WHATSAPP

It was stated that Metzelder sent photos and videos to a woman named Eva J., who lives in Hamburg, via WhatsApp, on 10-12 August 2019. It was recorded that 5 sexual images of children were sent on WhatsApp on these dates. It was also mentioned in the details of the file that on August 13, these photos were detected after Eva J was detained by the Hamburg police for another crime.

It was announced by the Prosecutor’s Office that Christoph Metzelder shared sensitive content via messenger as well as WhatsApp.

Former football player Christoph Metzelder has been sued!

The Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit against former national football player Christoph Metzelder, who played with the German national team in the 2002 World Championship final. The 39-year-old former famous football player is accused of possession of child pornography and sending it to third parties.

Successful Career: Metzelder was born in Haltern in 1980. He shone under his Dortmund shirt. He played ball for Real Madrid. Afterwards, Metzelder, who also wore the Schalke jersey, wore the A for 47 times, Ümit 9 times and the German national team U18 once. He played with the German national team in the 2002 FIFA World Championship final against Brazil. In 2008, he played in the final match again at the European Championship. He enjoyed the Bundesliga championship with Dortmumd. DFB Cup lifted. He became the Spanish Champion with Real Madrid. Metzelder’s name was mentioned for the Presidency of the German Football Association.

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