IMAX CEO evaluates Tenet box office results

IMAX CEO Evaluates Tenet Movie Box Office Results

IMAX CEO evaluated Tenet: Are the results of the box office numbers good or bad?

The first movie to be released after the closure of cinemas due to the corona virus epidemic was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond evaluated Tenet’s box office results and talked about the results.

Both Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan opposed the Tenet movie, which was designed for IMAX theaters, to be shown on a streaming platform. According to the director and the studio, watching the movie on the small screen would have lost all its effect. Although it was postponed nearly four times in this situation, the movie was released at the end of August. In the USA, it appeared in front of the audience in September. Although it achieved good results around the world, in its early days in America, it reached a result that even Indie movies such as $ 6.7 million could easily achieve.


Regarding Tenet’s box office numbers, IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said: “There were weaker results in America, and this was predictable. Because cinemas were just opening. The plan was for the world to open up and other movies to follow Tenet. This has worked well for the rest of the world. There was not enough awareness in America. Thus, Tenet made its opening slower, I hope the movie will go forward ”.

Also recently, which will be released in Turkey “Eight Faces” film was put on display in IMAX in China. The film made $ 115 million at the box office during its opening week in China. Gelfond says China could become a model for the improvement of cinemas around the world.

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Box office revenue of Tenet movie in USA announced

The movie Tenet, which was shown on August 26, August 41, started to meet with the audience in the USA on September 4. The film, which was shown in 2810 locations, grossed $ 20.2 million in the first three of the theaters.

According to Box Office Turkey quoted Sunday, Tenet The press office that evaluates look at Warner Bros., opinions satisfied with the initial results, a tenet of the vision quest “sprint rather than a marathon,” he said.

Stating that there is no context to compare other situations with a film that opened the pandemic, it is considered unfair and unfounded to compare these results with the period before Covid-19.

Having opened in China with 29.6 million dollars, Tenet has reached 146.2 million dollars of revenue worldwide so far.

After Tenet, the production that took the second place in the box office was The New Mutants. The film, which grossed $ 2.88 million at the end of the second weekend, reached $ 11.6 million in total in the United States.

The Russell Crowe thriller Unhinged, which left its fourth weekend behind, earned $ 1.67 million in third place and grossed $ 11.3 million in total.

The famous director Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet, was released in the US and China, but it could not escape damage.

2020 has not been a bright year for the cinema industry. Although it is more than 3 months for the year to end, it is obvious that there will be no pleasant developments in the coming days.

Movie theaters are still closed in many countries due to the coronavirus pandemic. Halls have finally opened in the USA and China, which are critical countries for the industry. But the public’s interest in movie theaters has declined more and more. Because even a popular movie like Tenet was not enough for people to fill movie theaters.

The first week in Turkey’s tenet Released in a group of countries, among whom were released last week while in countries like the US and China. Tenet, which closed its first week with $ 53 million in revenue, exceeded $ 150 million in the second week. But even this revenue could not save Tenet from screwing up.

Because Tenet has to earn more than $ 500 million to make a profit. At least that’s the opinion of analysts. However, it seems seriously difficult for Tenet to reach this amount due to the known coronavirus process.

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