Images of TikTok’s new star jumping dog go viral

The new star of TikTok is the jumping dog! It drew attention with its resemblance to the Boston Dynamics robot. User @owenweiss_78 Pitbull Ivy With Short Spine Syndrome Has Become The New Star Of The Internet.

A dog that jumps like a frog has become the star of the social media platform TikTok. The pitbull hack named Ivy received hundreds of thousands of likes when username @owenweiss_78 shared her video on August 28. In the video, which has been watched nearly 23 million times, Ivy is seen running through a garden and climbing the stairs.

Ivy’s own TikTok account also has 2.8 million followers. In this account, the videos are watched and liked thousands of times.

The dog suffers from short spine syndrome, which makes it look quite different from other animals. Dogs with this rather rare disease have normal sized heads, but these animals appear to have fused shoulder joints and no necks.

Images of tiktoks new star jumping dog go viral gmspors

The dog jumps like a frog

According to Independent Turkish’s report, dogs with short spine syndrome generally live like a normal dog. However, like Ivy, she has problems with running, jumping and eating.

Geneticist Elaine Ostrander explained in 2001 that this syndrome occurs as a result of inbreeding. Dog breeders breed closely related animals to pass on a genetic trait, but this leads to diseases such as short spine syndrome.

On the other hand, Ivy is not the first internet star to have this disease. The dog named Cuda the Pitbull was also previously famous for his Facebook page.


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TikTok user Owen Weiss, the owner of Ivy, shares cute and funny videos of his dog jumping around like a frog on his account. While the Ivy videos shared by Weiss so far have generally received several hundred thousand views, a video he shared on August 28 recently reached 23 million views. When this is the case, Ivy is one of the most recognizable dogs of the internet, thanks to its special appearance that looks like it came out of a science fiction movie; He even became one of his animals.

Ivy’s short body is because she has short spine syndrome. According to experts, this is due to consanguineous mating. In fact, Ivy, who lives her life like any other dog; performs some activities differently from other dogs, such as running, jumping, and eating; with the vagrant frog style.

Owner Owen Weiss makes some mockery of Ivy’s appearance with her posts. For example, in the 23 million-watched video, it says “The dog that comes when you order a dog from Wish”. However, this is not a malicious mockery. Apparently, Weiss loves Ivy like a child. The dog, who became famous on the account @owenweiss_78, also has a private account with 2.8 million followers.

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