Images of Gigi Hadid with a stroller

We edited the images of Gigi Hadid with her stroller for you. The famous model took her daughter, whom she hid from everyone, with a wig. The popular American model Gigi Hadid, who attracted all the attention with her beauty, could not hide from the messengers with her stroller.

She went out for the first time with her baby: Did you wear a wig, too? Gigi Hadid, who brings up the questions that come to mind, has not yet shared the photos of her baby, which her followers are very curious about. It became the agenda after she quickly deleted the baby she shared by mistake from social media.

Images of gigi hadid with a stroller 4 gmspors

Images of Gigi Hadid with a stroller

Gigi Hadid with her stroller on the streets of America

Although she aimed the opposite with her loose-fitting clothes, hat, mask and sunglasses that completely hide her face, she attracted more attention than before.

25-year-old model Gigi Hadid, who had a baby girl from her relationship with Zayn Malik, was spotted on the streets of New York the day before.

Gigi Hadid, who made her first stroll in the big city with her little daughter, was accompanied by her sister Bella. The clothes of both brothers attracted particular attention.

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The brothers, who walked the street with brisk steps, hid the face of the tiny baby, whose name they have not yet disclosed, from everyone.

Gigi Hadid left her hair uncovered for one episode of the ride and tied it up for another. The broad-shouldered coat, which was big for his body, gathered the curious eyes on him.

This image of Gigi Hadid also caused interesting comments on social media. Some speculated that her hair looked odd, suggesting that the model was wearing a wig and wondered why.

Images of gigi hadid with a stroller 1 gmspors

Some commented that “he is trying to attract attention on these clothes.” There were even those who claimed that the person driving that stroller was not actually Gigi Hadid.

The mud on the wheels of the stroller in which Hadid took his little daughter did not go unnoticed. Some people interpreted it as “This is how they came from the Farm”.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik maintained a bumpy relationship. The two, who broke up and made peace, announced that they were expecting a baby in the first period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Then he announced on social media that baby girls were born. However, they neither revealed the baby’s name nor showed his face publicly.

Images of gigi hadid with a stroller 2 gmspors

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