Images of famous boxer Andy Ruiz JR cheating on his wife

Famous boxer Andy Ruiz Jr., who cheated on his wife kissed another woman live

Famous boxer Andy Ruiz, who came to the agenda with his Instagram posts. Jr. This time, he got backlash with his unfaithfulness to his wife. The experienced athlete, whose video was revealed in his Instagram live broadcast, was said to be cheating on his wife, and it was seen kissing another woman.

Famous boxer Andy Ruiz Jr., who is on the agenda with his social media posts. This time he is spoken of in a reactive Instagram live broadcast. A video emerged of Andy kissing lip to lip with another woman, who was talked about cheating on his wife Julie Ruiz.

The famous boxer announced that he regretted the video after he cheated on his wife. Many of his followers stated that their thoughts about Andy had changed.

While the video was shared on Instagram from an account called Chamonic, Andy, who was also seen to drink alcohol, was the subject of discussion on social media, and received reaction from his fans due to his infidelity to his wife.


Julie Ruiz I’m Ashamed!

Julie Ruiz, who made a statement after the images reached her, said she was very embarrassed by this situation and made harsh words against Andy. Julie said, “Whatever happens, I am very embarrassed when people send me this. You’re stupid and you showed it all.”

It became the agenda in social media news after the incident. Many insulting comments were made about the boxer who cheated on his wife!

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