Ilkay Gundogan’s wife Sara Arfaoui confused Manchester

MANC-Y FOOD City player Gundogan’s wife Sara Arfaoui was slammed for bursting Manchester’s ‘terrible frozen food’ in the cost of living crisis.

Manchester City’s Ilkay Gundogan’s wife, Sara Arfaoui, blasted restaurants in Manchester. After Sara Arfaoui’s comments, the owners of the venues in Manchester rioted.

Italian Sara Arfaoui, 27, wife of Manchester City ace Ilkay Gundogan has whipped up a storm

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Sara Arfaoui, the wife of Mancheser City star football player Ilkay Gundogan, almost trashed the local restaurants in the city. Owners reacted when the 27-year-old Italian model said she was tired of “terrible frozen food”, saying there was no good place to eat in Manchester.

Claiming that there is not a good restaurant in the city where there is a restaurant belonging to Manchester City Coach Pep Guardiola, Sara said, “Maybe in London, but there is nothing in Manchester.” Food experts called Sara’s remarks “nonsense” and argued that Manchester is a culinary gem when it comes to food.

Asked about her favorite Manchester restaurant on her social media account, Sara replied, “Sorry, none of them to be honest. I tried hard to find a good restaurant but there is terrible food everywhere. I can’t find real Italian food, good sushi or just fresh food. Frozen food everywhere.” used the phrases.

The famous model stated that restaurants focus on making money from drinks rather than quality food.

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THE spouse of Manchester City expert Ilkay Gundogan has dished up a tempest — by rubbishing the nearby cafés.

Italian Sara Arfaoui, 27, groaned there were no decent places to eat out in the city, and was tired of “awful frozen food”.

After Sara’s statement, British gourmets and venue owners revolted. Critic Jay Raner said, “This is a ridiculous point of view. Manchester is full of amazing, independent restaurants. This is a place to eat, and while it’s going through tough times financially, comments like this don’t benefit businesses that are struggling to make a living.” said.

Speaking on the subject, a local restaurant owner said, “Manchester has a lot of great restaurants. I recommend researching before speaking. Your wife is a football player and you have money. You can probably afford anything and have a great life in Manchester. Instead of stoning restaurants, you should be thanking them.” commented.

Ilkay gundogans wife sara arfaoui confused manchester 1 gmspors

Clarifying her words upon the reactions received, Sara said, “So we can’t share our opinions honestly because we are successful people? I have tried all of the best restaurants here but they are not good for me. I can not lie. Unfortunately, I am used to Italy. So you can understand that it is difficult to compare. Great city, great people, but not restaurants.” he said.


Among the venues in Manchester are Tast, the Spanish restaurant with which Guardiola is a partner, and Mana, which has been in the city for over 40 years and was awarded its first Michelin star in 2019.

Alongside MasterChef British champion Simon Wood’s restaurant “Wood Manchester”, Great British Menu champion Adam Reid also manages the French restaurant inside The Midland Hotel.

Simon Martin, chef and owner of Mana restaurant, said, “The idea that restaurants here only serve frozen food is unbelievable.” replied to Sara’s words.

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