Ilenia Toma shares her exclusive fashion designs on Instagram

Digital content producer and fashion designer Ilenia Toma shares the latest trends on Instagram. Her Instagram posts get thousands of likes and her fashion genius ideas are appreciated by her followers.

In particular, she models her own clothing style based on the fashion she designed and seems to have succeeded in having a very cool style.

She still aims to export to various countries of the world with the clothing company she is the founder of.

Co-Founder of Ilenia SIILENT Studio

The autumn trends of the new era, designed based on the Italian lifestyle, are shared on Instagram by Ilenia Toma. Ilenia is portrayed as a great designer and a woman who aspires to be a very talented person in fashion.

recisely 1,5 years prior have past since we moved from Switzerland to radiant Italy.

Italy has this specific energy I’ve never knowledgeable about Switzerland or in some other country. The Italians have quite recently this type of craftsmanship how they carry on with their lives different nations may miss. The sentence “La bella vita” has its explanation…

Acqua di Parma realizes how to communicate this Italian method of living through a straightforward fragrance. I’m a major enthusiast of their aromas since years, it generally caused me to remind Italy when I missed it the most. Presently that I live in Italy yet don’t have the southern state of mind not far off as we are in Milan where we don’t have the ocean, I have this easily overlooked detail which doesn’t finish how I envisioned my Italian life. As a south Italian, the sea shore is just important for the vita Italiana.

Acqua di Parma currently dispatched its Home Collection, introducing scented candles and diffuser in 10 diverse fragrance with names like Luce di Colonia, La casa sul Lago or Caffe’ in Piazza. Precisely what a nostalgic Italian requirements to smell Italy in each spot you may call home on the planet. The candles send you in this Italian state of mind the second you ease up it up, the diffuser rather encompass you with an enchanted aroma the entire day.

Female Model in Ilenia Toma

Ilenia Toma became known as a model as well as a designer. In addition to modeling the clothes she designed herself, she is now collaborating with many different brands.

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