İlayda Akdoğan, One of the Shining Young Actors of Turkish Cinema

İlayda Akdoğan is a Turkish actress and YouTuber. The 23-year-old female actor is one of the names that started to become popular in her country.

İlayda Akdoğan managed to act in many films in Turkey. The young actress draws attention with her beauty and affectionate demeanor.

It is said that the actor, who has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, has improved herself to do more successful work in her career.

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Who is Ilayda Akdogan?

İlayda Akdoğan was born on July 21, 1998 in Istanbul. She started her career at the age of 2004 by appearing in a children’s show My Best Friend and portrayed the character of Seda. In 2005, he appeared in the TV series Afacanlar Kampı. In 2007, she starred in the Cloth Doll series and portrayed the character of Gülay.

The first role of the young actor, who attracted the attention of the producers when her mother sent a baby photo to a magazine, took place in the TV series My Best Friend in 2014. İlayda Akdoğan, who said she wanted to study acting or Sociology at the university, entered this sector at the age of 6.

In 2004, he took a role in the TV series My Best Friend, produced by Hamdi Alkan. Later on; She has appeared in various TV series such as Cloth Doll, Dear Dunürüm, Playmaker, Umut Clamp.

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  • Full Moon (Asuman) TV Series 2017
  • Hope Is Not Handcuffed (Elif) TV Series 2016
  • Wreck-It (September) TV Series 2016
  • Mustang (Sonay) Movie 2015
  • Dear Dünürüm TV Series 2007
  • Rag Doll (Gulay) TV Series 2007
  • Afacanlar Camp TV Series 2005
  • My Best Friend (Seda) TV Series

İlayda Akdoğan also has plans to enter the world of cinema in America and Germany. It is also among the news that İlayda Akdoğan, who is a model, received offers from many important magazines.

There are other country cinemas in her career plans

İlayda Akdoğan, a Turkish actress and model, plans to act or model in other countries as well as her country.

Although she is only 23 years old, it has been reported that the Turkish actor, who has been recognized by millions in a short time and gradually gained fans from other countries, is already planning a career.

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In the coming years, she is expected to receive offers from a few movies or television series in the USA or Germany.

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