Huge marijuana field owned by Mike Tyson in California

Mike Tyson, who had a show match against Roy Jones after 15 years, said that he smoked marijuana before the match. “I am this,” said the boxer, “I cannot stop drinking. I drink during matches. I have to drink,” he said.

Huge marijuana field owned by mike tyson in california 1 gmspors

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson spoke about the show match he faced with Roy Jones, who won the championship in 4 different weights.

The boxer, who admitted that he had smoked marijuana before the competition held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, USA, over 8 rounds of two minutes each, told reporters: “Definitely yes. Listen, I can’t stop drinking. I drink it during matches. I have to drink. Sorry. I am a drinker. I drink every day. I never stopped. “

Tyson plotting 40 acres in California

Tyson, who had 50 wins and 6 defeats in his career, including 44 knockouts, said, ‚ÄúThis is me. It has no negative effect on me. This is just what I do, I am someone like this and I will die like this. There is no explanation for this. It has neither beginning nor end, “he said.

The Volunteer Anti-Doping Association had tested both boxers for performance enhancing substances before the match, but cannabis was not on the banned substances list.

Finally, 54-year-old Tyson, who appeared in the ring in 2005, seemed more aggressive against 51-year-old Roy Jones, who had not fought for two years, but the show fight in which the two boxers avoided injuring each other ended in a draw.

In 2018, Tyson entered the cannabis industry and bought 40 acres of land in California, and he also has a school called the Tyson Cultivation School to teach farmers how to grow cannabis strains.

Recreational marijuana sales are now legal in California

As of January 1, 2018, the sale of recreational marijuana has become legal in the state of California, United States. Users over the age of 21 formed long queues in shops selling marijuana on the morning of January 1:

The use of cannabis for medical purposes was made legal in 1996 in California, the 6th state that released the recreational marijuana sale.

The regulation, which was submitted to a referendum during the 2016 presidential elections, also paves the way for individual cannabis cultivation. In the state, which has a population of approximately 40 million, tax revenue from the sale of cannabis is expected to exceed $ 1 billion. State officials announced that the tax revenue from cannabis will be used for projects in the field of environment and youth programs and security.

Huge marijuana field owned by mike tyson in california 2 gmspors

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