How to Make Squid Game Candy?

How to Make Squid Game Candy Squid Game Candy has become a trend on tiktok, users want to learn how to make Squid Game Candy. Here is our Squid Game Cookie recipe article.

Even if you haven’t watched the recently released Netflix original Squid Game, you’ve probably heard or seen it.

Squid Game Players have to fight for their lives and large sums of money by playing traditional Korean children’s games. However, viewers have become obsessed with Squid Game’s dalgona cookie and are trying to do so on TikTok. We give you an easy and straightforward recipe for this Korean classic.

What is Squid Game?

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Squid Game, created by Dong-hyuk Hwang, has become the most talked about drama of recent times. The 1st season of Squid Game, which gained popularity in a few strengths, was released on Netflix. Now the eyes are turned to the second season. But the creator of the series states that he is not ready for the 2nd season of Squid Game yet.

Korean drama Squid Game became the country’s first series to date to become a hit on Netflix America. The footsteps of the 9-episode chaos series seem to be calling for season 2. Dong-hyuk Hwang, creator of Squid Game, gave an exclusive interview to Variety. Hwang said:

“I don’t have many plans for Squid Game 2. Even thinking is tiring. But if I were to do season 2, I certainly wouldn’t be trying to do it alone. I would consider forming a screenwriters community and work with a multi-experienced director. I tried to write a story about modern capitalist society with allegories and fables that somehow showed the extreme competition of life. I wanted to use all of these in the types we encounter in daily life. As a survival game it contains entertainment and human drama. The games are extremely simple and easy to understand. This allows viewers to focus on the characters instead of focusing on the rules and getting distracted.”

What is Squid Game Candy Cookie?

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Dalgona is a sponge candy-like confection that we get from street vendors everywhere, especially around schools. The word dalgona comes from the Korean word “dalguna (달구나)” which means “sweet”. It is also called ppopgi (뽑기), which means to pick or choose, referring to the play and prize aspect of this candy offered by vendors.

Ingredients Required for Squid Game Candy Cookie Making Recipe:

  1. stainless steel ladle
  2. stick for mixing sugar
  3. non-stick baking sheet or pan (or use parchment paper) to use as a base
  4. rubber spatula – optional but I find useful
  5. hotteok/dalgona press (or a flat, round-bottomed bowl/small sauce pan, about 4 to 5 inches in diameter)
  6. cookie mold)
  7. lollipop sticks – optional
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Squid Game Sugar Cookie Making Recipe

  1. Gather all the materials and tools before you begin.
  2. It is very important not to burn the sugar. Stir constantly and control the heat. If it starts to smoke, raise the scoop a few inches above the heat and lower it closer when it cools a bit. Lift it up when most of the sugar is syrupy with just a few lumps and has finished melting.
  3. After adding baking soda, the mixture immediately starts to foam and can burn quickly. Keep the ladle a few inches above the heat and mix quickly and vigorously. Do not let it swell for too long. The bottom will burn.
  4. The hot dalgona mixture may stick to the sole surface and/or the press. Use a non-stick baking sheet or pan as a base. The key is to let the mixture cool a bit for about 15 seconds after pouring it onto the base surface. Then press lightly (as if you were just tapping) a few times before pressing it all the way down. to the desired thickness.
  5. Some people sprinkle sugar or baking soda, oil, or use parchment paper to keep the foamy mixture from sticking. Try it out and see which one works best for you.
  6. If you’re doing more than one, keep a pot of hot water on the stove to rinse the pot and spatula between batches.
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