How to make money with TikTok Now and referral promotion?

We will tell you how to make money with TikTok, specifically the rewards of the TikTok Now referral system. It is a standalone app, a second-of-a-kind social network focused on intimacy, and a clone of BeReal. IT

It is a campaign where TikTok will pay you for registering a person with an invitation or your referral code. You can earn up to 7 euros per registered friendship, 2 euros just for signing up, and an additional 5 euros if that person uses TikTok Now daily for a week. This promotion is valid until November 21st.

How can you invite other people to join?

How to make money with tiktok now and referral promotion?

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is to download the TikTok Now app to your mobile phone and log in with your regular TikTok account. If this is your first time using TikTok Now, you will need to do the first test post to learn how this system works.

Once you get to the main TikTok Now screen, you need to click on the Invite icon that appears at the top left. It is important that you click this button and not the add friend button, because it is the button that will take you to the promotion.

This will take you to a screen with all the promotion related information. Here you need to click on the Invite Now button, which will take you to your mobile operating system’s screen, and select the person and application you will share your reference link with.

Now all that remains is for the other person to sign up for TikTok Now using your link, making sure you enter your personal code that came with them or you can manually share it with whoever you want.

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