Brad Pitt’s iconic physique in the movie “Fight Club” left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Achieving a body like his may seem like an impossible task, but with dedication, hard work, and a disciplined diet, you can strive to attain a similar lean and shredded physique in 2023. Let’s delve into the Brad Pitt Fight Club workout and diet plan that contributed to his remarkable transformation.

The Fight Club Workout Plan

Pitt’s workout plan revolved around high reps and low weight, focusing on one muscle group per day. The goal was to achieve a lean, toned physique rather than massive muscle gains. Here’s a glimpse of his weekly workout schedule:

Monday – Chest

  • Push-ups: 3 sets of 25 reps
  • Bench press: 25, 15, and 8 reps at 165, 195, 225 lbs
  • Nautilus press: 15 reps at 80, 100, 130 lbs
  • Incline press: 15 reps at 80, 100, 130 lbs
  • Pec deck: 15 reps at 60, 70, 80 lbs

Tuesday – Back

  • 25 pull-ups: 3 sets to fatigue
  • Seated rows: 3 sets at 75, 80, 85 lbs
  • Lat pull downs: 3 sets at 135, 150, 165 lbs
  • T-bar rows: 3 sets at 80, 95, 110 lbs

Wednesday – Shoulders

  • Arnold press: 3 sets at 25 kgs
  • Laterals: 3 sets at 13 kgs
  • Front raises: 3 sets at 11 kgs

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps

  • Preacher curls: 3 sets at 27, 36, 43 kgs
  • EZ curls cable: 3 sets at 23, 30, 36 kgs
  • Hammer curls: 3 sets at 14, 20, 25 kgs
  • Pushdowns: 3 sets at 32, 39, 45 kgs

Friday & Saturday – Cardio

  • Treadmill: 1 hour at 80-90% maximum heart rate

Sunday – Rest

The Fight Club Diet Plan

Pitt’s diet played a crucial role in achieving his shredded physique. He focused on consuming clean and nutritious foods, and his daily eating routine consisted of the following:

Breakfast: Six egg whites, seven egg yolks, and 75g of oatmeal with raisins.

Midmorning Snack: Tinned tuna in whole wheat pita bread.

Lunch: Two chicken breasts, 75-100g of brown rice or pasta, and green vegetables.

Mid-Afternoon Snack (Pre-Workout): A protein bar or whey protein shake and a banana.

Post Workout: Protein shake and a banana.

Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables, and salad.

Evening Snack: Casein protein shake or low-fat cottage cheese (slow-release protein).

Pitt’s diet consisted of approximately 2,000 calories per day, providing enough carbohydrates for energy and adequate protein for muscle development.

Achieving Your Fight Club Physique

While achieving a physique like Brad Pitt’s requires dedication and hard work, following a workout routine with high reps, low weight, and a focus on one muscle group per day, along with a disciplined diet, can help you get closer to your goals. Stay consistent, push yourself during workouts, and maintain a clean and balanced diet to achieve a shredded and toned physique similar to the one Brad Pitt displayed in “Fight Club.”


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By following the workout and diet plan inspired by Brad Pitt’s regimen for “Fight Club,” you can work towards achieving a lean and toned physique. Remember, consistency, dedication, and a balanced diet are essential to reaching your fitness goals. Always consult a fitness professional or a healthcare provider before starting any new workout or diet plan to ensure it suits your individual needs and health conditions.

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