How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok? How much money does Tiktok pay users?

You now have the opportunity to make money with the Tiktok platform. Tiktok has become a platform that allows users to earn high profits. We will inform you about how much money users have paid on Tiktok. In our research, we will give you information about how much tiktok users pay.

How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok?

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Tiktok is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Tiktok, one of the biggest hit sites in social media with more than 825 million monthly active members, is completely free.

Of course, that doesn’t mean people don’t make good money from Tiktok. In this article, we discuss ways to make money from Tiktok and the Tiktok phenomenon that earns the most.

How Much Do TikTok Celebrities Earn?

A Tiktok player with 100,000 followers can earn between $ 200 and $ 1000 a month. For someone with more than 1 million followers, this amount is around $ 1000-5000.

However, these numbers should be paid attention to. Because there are many factors that affect earnings. So someone with 550,000 followers can even earn $ 1 million a month.

There are many factors such as product sales, brand deals, sponsored content, affiliate marketing. So “How much money can I earn from Tiktok?” There is no clear answer to the question.

There is a fact: Most Tiktok users cannot make money from this business, but as your popularity increases in tiktok, your ability to earn money increases rapidly.

Because most Tiktok players do not cash their content. Many users use Tiktok for entertainment purposes only. Those who make money are those who somehow encourage their followers to buy products or services.

How Much Money Does TikTok Pay Users?

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Tiktok does not pay users. Tiktok itself does not pay any fees to users.

Channel owners can earn money from the ads on videos on Youtube. Ads are shown between videos on Tiktok. Therefore, the user’s video has no advertisements, it appears in between.

Tiktok does not have an advertising revenue sharing program. Tiktok has a service for the Creators Program. This service enables popular users and brands to collaborate.

Because Tiktok knows these phenomena have the power to bring more users to the platform.

For example, someone who reaches 100,000 followers is invited to the Tiktok content creator program. Of course these followers must be organic. Tiktok follows everything better than you do… You won’t get anywhere with a fake follower.

How Tiktok People Make Money?

Since Tiktok doesn’t give ad revenue to users, the question should be: How do Tiktok players make money?

Tiktok players often make money from deals they have with brands.

One of the ways to make money from Tiktok is to open a live broadcast.

During the live broadcast, donations can be collected from followers and viewers.

You must have at least 1000 followers to open a live stream.

Of course, in order to make money, it is essential to interact directly with people, to know their names and what they are doing. People are willing to donate only in this way.

Second, and more importantly, you need to provide people with value, knowledge. When you open people’s horizons and give them good information, they are more likely to donate.

There is also a limit to making money from live streaming. In general, a maximum of 2000-4000 dollars can be earned alive. However, this is still a modest figure compared to other earning methods.

On Tiktok’s live stream, money is earned as tokens and these coins are converted into diamonds. Diamonds, on the other hand, can finally be converted into real money.

Tiktok Instagram style story

This is actually a little reminiscent of “being mentioned in the story” on Instagram.

It can be summarized as collecting donations by sharing the links and pages of the followers. You can reach people who will pay you via DM when mentioned.

“Hi. I’m sharing my followers’ pages for $ 100. Your videos get an average of 400,000 views and 60,000 likes. If you are interested, please let me know.”

If you message 50 people this way, they will likely reject or not reply to 48 people. However, 2 people who accept can compensate these refusals.

Tiktok Brand Deals

To understand this strategy, it is necessary to know the concept of CPM (cost per mile).

Brands pay Tiktok players for 1000 views.

For example, your videos are viewed an average of 10 million.

Cost per 1000 views (CPM) on Youtube and Instagram is between $ 1 and $ 5.

However, Tiktok’s CPM is lower than other channels.

Let’s say a brand pays Tiktok players $ 3 per 1000 views.

Anyone whose videos have an average of 10,000,000 views can earn $ 30,000 from this business.

Remember that this is an estimate, you can earn a lower or higher number than this.

Some brands may be offered a far below average rate because they do not know exactly how much to pay for the phenomenon.

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Using Tiktok popularity on Youtube

Some Tiktok phenomena earn the main money from Youtube.

Tiktok is actually a great marketing platform for promoting the Youtube channel.

These people invite Tiktok followers to Youtube channels and earn ad revenue on Youtube.

Almost all outstanding Tiktok players have a Youtube channel. Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Zach King are some of them.

55% of ad revenue on YouTube goes to channel owners. However, it pays Youtube channel owners $ 1 to $ 5 per 1000 views.

For example, Zach King… He has over 8 million followers on Youtube. His videos have between 100,000 and 25 million views.

Tiktok product sale

The vast majority of big Tiktok players have their own e-shop. Here the phenomenon sells its own products instead of cooperating with other brands to maximize profits.

The items in Addison Rae’s store range from $ 10 to $ 50. He promotes the products in this store on Tiktok and other social media accounts and drives traffic to his store. It is possible to say that Rae, who has more than 50 million followers as of 2020, earns $ 25,000 a month from product sales alone.

Take another YouTube channel, Nelk. Nelk, whose almost all videos are closed to monetization, earns money from selling products. Items range from $ 10 to $ 175 and sold out instantly! Of course, Nelk, who is very good at promoting products on social media, does not pass Tiktok. Nelk’s videos with 2.7 million followers on Tiktok are watched an average of 1 million.

Top Earning Tiktok Celebrities

Charli D’Amelio

In the middle of 2019, Charli D’amelio reached 100,000 followers. After 6 months, it reached 5.2 million. In the middle of 2020, it reached 70 million. Sharing content every day is a very important factor in this success.

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Addison Rae

Addison is the 2nd most followers on Tiktok. Addison Rae has over 50 million followers and Tiktok videos have received 3 billion likes so far.

Earning close to $ 75,000 from a single sponsored content.

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Zach King

Zach has 45 million followers. It also received more than 3 billion likes. He earns $ 35,000 from a single sponsored content.

@zachkingStatue of no limitations♬ original sound – Zach King

Loren Gray

Loran Gray has 45 million followers, 2.5 billion likes. She makes about $ 30,000 from just one sponsored video.

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Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel has 35 million followers and 1.8 billion likes. She makes about $ 25,000 from a single video.

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