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Camila Cabello’s video about the High Fashion ‘Familia’ TikTok Concert got millions of views in a short time. Not only that, Camila’s last post on Tiktok, her fun video with hot girls reached 4 million views.

Camila Cabello appeared her third studio collection, Familia, through a TikTok live stream on Thursday night — and she did so wearing a familia of significant architects.


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♬ Bam Bam (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Camila Cabello

High style met super advanced during the vivid computerized show, which consolidated XR innovation with genuine sets to make realistic backgrounds propelled by Cabello’s Latinx legacy and love of Alice in Wonderland. As the Grammy-assigned vocalist traveled through each room, performing new tunes from her third studio collection interestingly, her closet moved through a revolution of very good quality fashioners, with Mugler, Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, and Ronald van der Kemp showing up.

“Each look was picked by the room,” Cabello told Vogue. “For instance, ‘La Buena Vida’ was exceptionally Spanish and mariachi motivated, so we picked a hot pink, tulle Carolina Herrera Bolero to make an advanced interpretation of Mexican style.” Carolina Herrera showed up in “Hasta Los Dientos,” in which Cabello matched a puffy, dazzling pink coat with dark calfskin Commando pants.

Beauticians Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn collaborated with Cabello to make seven looks absolute for Familia: Welcome to the Family, each with its own association with the music and set. For “Calm,” set on a swing in a desert scene, Ronald van der Kemp’s RVDK Couture assortment was tapped for a reasonably made, voluminous, multi-shaded dress. “I love having the option to communicate my thoughts in my music as well as in my style, and maintainability is unquestionably critical to me,” Cabello told Vogue.

Changing into a dreamlike Alice in Wonderland-esque room, Cabello wore a dark red plastic Saint Laurent dress, with a profound V-neck and silver clasp detail. For her tune “Psycho Freak,” Cabello wore a neon Mugler catsuit with the name’s notable cross section framing, unmistakably differentiated against a high contrast setting and foundation artists in highly contrasting Mugler catsuits.

The finale of the show turned to unmistakably disco-themed looks: a shimmering, intelligent Dodo Bar Or dress and matching headband, trailed by a bordered yellow Celia Kritharioti dress for “Bam,” which included individuals from Cabello’s genuine familia moving close by her.

Camila Cabello Parses Her Past And Looks To The Future On Familia

@camilacabello Welcome to the family. Join me on @TikTok ♬ original sound – Camila Cabello

In 2019, I went to a listening meeting and press trip around Camila Cabello’s sophomore collection Romance. It was pre-winter, only a couple of months after the previous Fifth Harmony artist had openly gone into a relationship with individual pop vocalist Shawn Mendes. As I and a gathering of different scholars got into a little studio stall with Cabello, she bookended each track with enthusiastic analysis around how the tune affected her, and who it was about. The greater part of those tunes were about her relationship with Mendes, and the collection’s loving tone was pondered its cover workmanship, with Cabello in a streaming red outfit.

Cabello’s separation experience isn’t particularly exceptional (the pandemic made or broke down heaps of connections), however the manner in which she explains the aftermath is. Across Familia’s 12 tracks, Cabello takes on the disposition that she’ll need to utilize this second to turn into a stronger form of herself, and accordingly pours all her contemplations onto the collection like it was a specialist’s lounge chair. Music demonstrates particularly mending here, as Cabello gathers together a progression of solid associates, including emotional grrrl WILLOW, Argentine vocalist Maria Becerra, makers Ricky Reed, Tom Peyton, José Castillo Scott Harris, Cheche Alara, Edgar Barrera, Jonah Shy, Mike Sabath, and Nate Mercereau. Indeed, even Ed Sheeran sounds at home on the Latin pop bop “Bam.”


🫠 out on Familia Friday

♬ original sound – Camila Cabello

Seeing the reason why “Bam” was chosen as a solitary for Familia, which incorporates a modest bunch of Spanish-sung tracks and skips across various Latin sub-kinds, including flamenco, people, salsa, tropical, and reggaeton is simple.” Not at all like its tropical lead single “Don’t Go Yet,” which feels tailor-made for showy honor shows and late-night TV exhibitions, “Bam” has a virus open where Cabello simply gets directly down to main issue at hand. “You said you despised the sea, yet you’re surfin’ now/I said I’d cherish you forever, however I just sold our home/We were kids toward the beginning, I suppose we’re adults now, mm/Couldn’t at any point envision even havin’ questions/But not all things work out, no.”

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