Host Nicole Byer faces ‘Weirdest Moment in Television History’

‘Kimmel’ Host Nicole Byer Saw ‘The Weirdest Moment in Television History’ It got awkward in a hurry and people were just as surprised as she was.

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“Jimmy Kimmel Live” visitor have Nicole Byer recognized a truly awkward experience between two neighborhood news characters during a live transmission.

Anchor Dan Hanger and meteorologist Ken Slama of Fox 21 in Duluth, Minnesota, were talking about rapper Snoop Dogg’s new breakfast cereal, Snoop Loopz.

“I’d likewise put those Snoop Loopz through a medication test before I gave them to my kids,” Hanger said.

At the point when Slama attempted to make a comparably clear joke, notwithstanding, Hanger’s response was what Byer called “the cattiest crossroads throughout the entire existence of transmission TV.”

Look at it in the Wednesday night discourse:

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