Holly Sonders spends time with her boyfriend

Former Fox host Holly Sonders has finally had a strong man in her life after a drastic change in her career.

Holly Sonders and her boyfriend Óscar de la Hoya are pushing their relationship forward as if they were in business.

Holly Sonders: Óscar de la Hoya’s voluptuous partner with the “Golden Boy” tattoo on her back

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After several months of dating, TV presenter Holly Sonders showed off an iconic tattoo showing her love for Óscar de la Hoya. The Golden Child is now in love with the arrival of this woman in his life.

The story began in June 2021, when Holly Sonders interviewed Óscar de la Hoya at a wrestling event after more than two years of being uninterested in TV, a career to which she devoted herself for several years. Then love was born and the relationship between the two became public and official.

On Saturday night, October 9, when Tyson Fury met Deontay Wilder at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, De La Hoya surprised everyone by showing up with a beautiful woman. There were already rumors of a possible relationship, but from there everything began to become more official.

Before the year was over, specifically on November 14, 2021, Sonders posted a photo of him showing his back and getting an Óscar de la Hoya tattoo, the day he was at the Golden Boy, in one of the most important moments of his life, the day he was at the Golden Boy.

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“You have everything in life. There is nothing I can give you that you haven’t received yet… other than that. This tattoo represents the day you became the Golden Child. The moment you won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympics and you look at your mother, who passed away a few months ago. To an artist who will bring this moment to life.” When I decided, there was no doubt that I wanted your brother to be the husband of @tattooesteban. I love you @oscardelahoya”.

Shocked by this gift, De La Hoya responded in a loving and completely crushed way.

“No one will understand how I feel, for the past 35 years my life has been dedicated and given to the public. In the end, I always feel loved the way I deserve. Holly, you made me the best version of myself and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received.

Flashy Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya Girlfriend Former Golf Player

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Los Angeles, United States – Ryan Garcia might have been a star when he ousted Javier Fortuna but Oscar De La Hoya suddenly went viral after the fight. What’s wrong with Golden Boy De La Hoya? De La Hoya also showed off his new girlfriend, Holly Sonders, while watching his team fight.

They went public during Ryan Garcia’s duel against Fortuna at the Crypto.com Arena on Sunday, 17/07/2022 local time, Los Angeles, United States. Ryan Garcia, the gold-medalist gold medalist in Olympic boxing, was even more excited as he won the duel by knockout in the 6th round.

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