Historical Olympic torch attacked with toy water gun

Shocking footage of the Tokyo Olympics began to be broadcast. The attack on the historical Olympic torch with a toy water gun was reflected on the cameras.

As the countdown to Tokyo 2020 continues, the journey of the Olympic flame to Japan witnessed an interesting protest. An activist who wanted the games to be canceled tried to extinguish the torch with a water gun. Japanese activist Kayoko Takahashi, 53, was detained after her protest.

A Japanese anti Tokyo 2020 attacker attacked the Olympic torch with a water gun.

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The traditional torch ride of the Olympic Games was the scene of an unexpected protest. An activist who did not want the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo during the pandemic days reacted with a water gun.

Kayoko Takahashi, 53, was detained after his action.

Historical olympic torch attacked with toy water gun 2 gmspors

Preparations for Tokyo 2020, which is against 46 percent of the public in the latest polls in Japan, are at the final stage. The Olympic Games, which have been postponed for 1 year due to the pandemic, will start with the opening ceremony on July 23.

What is the meaning of the Olympic Torch?

The famous torch of the Olympic Games symbolizes the positive values ‚Äč‚Äčthat human beings attribute to fire. The torch is also a bridge that provides continuity between ancient games and modern games. As for fire and games, many legends have survived to the present day. According to one of them, Prometheus steals firepower from Zeus.

Fire is a symbol of life, logic, freedom and creativity. It is believed that Prometheus, who is likened to the devil in divine religions, carried fire with his hand to present it to people. This fire that will burn forever is located in the city of Olympia in present-day Greece. Today, the journey of the torch to the place where the Olympic Games will be held begins with its burning in Olimpia.

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