Hip Show by Bella Poarch and Anitta

Bella Poarch and Anitta’s interesting dance moves have been watched millions of times. Bella called Anitta “she is the best dance teacher”.

Bella Poarch becomes Anitta’s student to master the ‘Wrap Contest’ and the result is astonishing.

She’s rare to imagine any social media user not trying the ‘Charging Contest’ and boy does it turn out to be a challenge! Bella Poarch tried to do this but chose to go to the original source instead of watching the video a thousand times. The singer went to Anitta to teach her, and by chance they danced together on TikTok.

Since the song’s music video was released, singers, influencers, and Internet users have joined the fray to show they can also move their hips, but only the Brazilian singer-songwriter has demonstrated her mastery of the song, and one has even demonstrated her mastery of the song. sings. master’s degree in dance. .

@bellapoarch @Anitta is the best dance teacher on the planet😅💕#envolver ♬ Envolver – Anitta

Bella Poarch and Anitta team up for ‘Wrap Contest’

Some videos have appeared on the singers’ respective TikTok accounts where they showcase the latest trend in dance steps, but each shows a different perspective on how they choreographed and the process of coordinating both of their moves.

Anitta shared the clip with the caption, “Bella Poarch learned so quickly, how do you think she did it?” The answer to the question was clearly seen in the images that describe how the Brazilian will lower his hips with circular movements.

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Although the “Hell” translator had a hard time at first, Anitta taught her a leg movement technique that would ensure that her arrival on the floor would not be immediate. TikTok ends between laughter and both singers falling to the ground.

Bella Poarch released her clip with a sentence praising the Brazilian singer-songwriter: “Anitta is the best dance teacher on the planet.” Initially, the influencer is seen getting into the plank position, but as she has to come down, her arms and chest remain glued to the floor.

Lying on the floor, raising her legs to perform the iconic move of ‘The Wrap Challenge’, the ‘trainer’ demonstrates why she is one of the best dancers in the world. Both TikTok videos received millions of likes and soon several requests for them to collaborate.

So far it is unknown what both singers’ plans are, but fans have reported that Bella Poarch attended the launch party of Anitta’s most personal album, ‘Versions of Me’, which featured her hit hit ‘Envolver’. The album is now on digital platforms.

Larissa Macedo Machado, better known by her stage name Anitta, is a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and Brazilian television host.

Anitta and Bella are in a new friendship. I think we will see many new projects with the friendship of Anitta and Bella.

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