Hiding Photoshop on social media will be a crime in Norway

An interesting ban on social media came in Norway. The ban on the use of Photoshop in Norway drew the reaction of many people.

In Norway, the government announced that it would be a crime to hide the use of Photoshop on social media. After this decision of the Norwegian government, some Norwegian citizens reacted.

A special arrangement was made for social media as it triggered body image problems in Norway. Now, influencers and brands have to cite manipulated, Photoshopped images that they publish for commercial purposes. Even the smallest change in the color, shape, size of the body will be indicated. Otherwise, it will be considered a crime.

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Interesting Photoshop ban from Norway

Social media criticisms of famous names such as Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, Channing Tatum, Hailey Bieber and Lindsay Lohan, who deleted the application on their phones or took a break from using the application on the grounds that they were away from real life, began to find their response. Norway has taken a serious step to prevent body image on social media and to use platforms in a healthier way.

Stating that she wants to fight against unrealistic beauty standards, Norway argues that such posts can affect human psychology and that people constantly see a flawless face on social media will make them feel inadequate. The Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family, underlining that such posts create a full body pressure, presented the law in question to the parliament and the law was accepted by a majority of votes.

According to the bill prepared by the Norwegian Ministry of Family and Social Services and passed by the parliament with 72 to 15 votes, a label designed by the Ministry will be included in advertisements that make any changes in the person’s body measurements, body shape or skin color.

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In addition, people who receive any payment or benefit from a post they make on social media will have to act by stating this situation.

It is not yet certain when the law will come into effect exactly, but according to the new law, if there is an edit to any photo sharing made on dozens of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, users must specify this change.

This design will not only apply to Photoshops made on one’s body, but also to photos with filters. If the person violates any law, he or she will first be fined and then imprisoned.

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