Henry Cavill confirms Man of Steel 2 on Instagram

The allegations that have been circulating for a while have been confirmed. Henry Cavill is back in front of the camera for the Superman movie. The good news was shared by Cavill himself.

Henry Cavill confirmed Man of Steel 2 in his latest Instagram post. Fans attacked Cavill’s Instagram account.

Henry Cavill, who first appeared before the camera 13 years ago for the role of Superman, is preparing to take on this role once again. At a time when there were rumors of Black Superman, the movie Man of Steel 2 became official.

A very small taste of what’s to come, my friends. The dawn of hope renewed. Thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded.

Man of Steel 2 is coming

Henry Cavill first appeared as Superman in the Man of Steel movie and later appeared in Justice League and Zack Snyder’s Justice League productions. Cavill, who has been absent from the DC universe for a long time, is finally back. The famous star gave the good news on his Instagram account.

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While it is claimed that the Man of Steel 2 movie has been approved with the persistent efforts of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it is estimated that it may be a result of DC Comics’ 10-year new cinematic universe plan. Already, the fans were very excited for a Black Adam and Superman match.

Man of Steel 2 is still in the early stages of production, but Supergirl is expected to be included in the movie. It was also on the agenda that Henry Cavill would appear as Superman in the movie The Flash, which will be released next year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had discussions with studio officials to bring Henry Cavill back to DC movies, and the constant pressure from The Rock convinced studio management. Allegedly, Warner Bros. Discovery has a new deal with Henry Cavill, which includes a new Superman movie for Cavill. The Hollywood Reporter, in search of a screenwriter, described the film as “Man of Steel 2”.

The Flash movie, which will be released next year, is expected to make serious changes in the DC Cinematic Universe. The film, which will reset the universe in many respects, is expected to include the character of Superman besides Batman. In addition, according to many claims, Henry Cavill’s Superman character will also appear in the movie Black Adam. Man of Steel 2, which is still in the early stages of production; It will likely include Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle. It looks like Warner Bros. Discovery wants to include more of the Superman character in DC’s future.

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