Helene Fischer is excited for her concert after the Pandemic

Helene Fischer: Fans can keep hoping for a concert in March. Helene Fischer hopes a big wait for her fans in Germany. Helene shared the good news that she will hold a new concert in March with her followers. The beautiful singer hopes that the restrictions due to the recent coronavirus disease will end in the future and people will return to their happy days again.

Helene Fischer wants to get back on stage. Your next concert is planned for next spring. He wants to perform live in Bad Gastein, Austria on 26 March 2021. It is not yet clear whether the appearance will take place in the winter sports area – however: The organizers plan to continue the Helene concert despite the current Corona situation.

According to a report by “Bild”, the singer and her team are currently assuming that the concert will continue as planned. Concert organizer Klaus Leutgeb told the newspaper that they are currently sticking to the concert plans. “There is still no official regulation for the end of March.”

The final decision must be made by February. Leutgeb also explains that regardless of a possible ban, it also depends on how stringent the conditions were at the time.

Helene Fischer: “We want the audience to feel comfortable.”

Currently, there is strict isolation in Austria. For example, cable cars and gondolas in ski areas are now closed initially until December 6th. Apres-ski parties were banned weeks ago.

Last winter, Tyrolean ski resort Ischgl, known for its after-ski scene, turned into a corona hotspot. At the beginning of the pandemic, thousands of vacationers were infected here and then spread the virus around the world. Especially overcrowded post-ski bars were considered the ideal breeding ground for the spread of the virus.

Helene Fischer’s concert in Bad Gastein was originally scheduled for spring 2020. Fans still hope that it will be a year deferral may be. But hopefully, if it’s really justified to give a concert given the corona numbers. Given the available numbers, this may be questionable.

Helene Fischer, German singer and entertainer. It has won many awards since 2005; Winner of four ‘Die Krone der Volksmusik‘ awards, including 8 Echo awards and a Bambi award. According to records, it has sold at least 9,115,000 albums.

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