Helen Reddy best known for her ‘feminist anthem’ I am Woman dies

Known around the world for the 1972 song ‘I am Woman’, Australian Helen Reddy passed away at the age of 78. Diagnosed with dementia in 2015, the musician lived in a nursing home in Los Angeles, USA.

Their child announced the news of Reddy’s death with these words: “She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and a truly awesome woman. We are so sorry, our only solace is to know that your voice will live forever. ”

Reddy managed to become a star in those days when music producers of the time were not supported by the idea that investing in female musicians was not a profitable field.

He won a Grammy award in 1972 with the song ‘I am Woman‘, which has survived to the present day and is also used in many TV series and movies. For the following two years, she became the world’s best-selling female vocalist.

Reddy, who later made her own television show, also took a role in Hollywood movies for a while.

Helen Reddy – I Am Woman (1971)

In an interview he gave in 2012, Reddy explained that the song ‘I am Woman caused her to leave the music:“ I saw that the modern American history book taught in high school is my name and lyrics in the chapter on feminism. And I said to myself, I am now part of history. How can I get over this? So it was easy for me to withdraw. ”

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