Heidi Klum Boldly Shows Her Full Body In Nude Again

World famous model Heidi Klum stripped naked! Fans who saw the photo were shocked and commented that she was quite brave.

World-famous model Heidi Klum never falls off the agenda. The famous star, whose worm costume she wore on Halloween is still in mind, has now shocked her fans by sharing her nude photo.

German model, actress and presenter Heidi Klum continues to decorate the headlines of the tabloids because of what she has done recently. 49-year-old Klum, who has been talked about for days because of the worm costume she wore at the Halloween event held in the past days, is on the agenda with a completely different event this time.

Heidi klum boldly shows her full body in nude again

The world-famous model shared her naked image when she entered the worm costume from her social media account. Klum’s posts also shocked her followers on social media.

Klum’s photo received over 300,000 likes and numerous comments in a short time. Fans praised Klum’s physique.

Klum, who looks like a worm everywhere except her eyes, nose and mouth because of the costume she is wearing, said, “How do you intend to use the toilet?” from the magazine site Page Six. When asked, she explained that she had to remove almost the entire costume before using the bathroom.

Referring to the extensions of the costume, she replied, “I have to take off a lot of things. When I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll have to do it somehow.” “As Tim Gunn puts it, ‘Make it work,'” Klum later said, quoting a Project Runway tagline from “Making The Cut” co-host Tim Gunn.

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