Heidi Gray wins thousands of dollars with Onlyfans

Heidi Gray, a young model who quit her job at the restaurant, is on the agenda with her nude photos that she sells online. Heidi Gray, who lives in the state of Arizona, USA, who previously worked in hospitals and restaurants and could not get enough money, earns about 215,000 lira a week with her nude photos she sells online.

22-year-old model Heidi Gray, who lives in the state of Arizona in the United States, gets tired of her work after working in a hospital and restaurant for a while and starts to sell her open photos online and continues to earn 19,000 pounds a week.

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Heidi Gray making big money with Onlyfans

The model, who said that her work was very heavy and her nine-hour work a day negatively affected her life and could not spare time for him, stated that he did this job with the advice of a friend who made money by sharing open photos on the internet. She said that he first started to take pictures and sell on weekends, but she continued her restaurant business, and when she started to make good money, she left the restaurant business completely and started to make a living by selling photos to her fans.

Stating that most of her life started to change with the money she earned, Heidi said that she gave most of her money to aesthetics and skin care. Heidi, who has a relationship with someone 29 years older than her, said that she supports her boyfriend’s aesthetics.

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California (USA) – Much love to Valentine’s Day: Heidi Gray (22) was a few hours before the day of the important couple on her Instagram account.


The Saturday evening blonde showed up in two photos TAG24 reported several times with her friend Violet Summers (21). According to Heidi Gray, the young lady came to spend the night.

The two women took the time to take sexy photos that allowed both of them to look deeply. Fans of erotic models might have been annoyed for a moment when looking through the records for where to look first.

In any case, photos of women from the US state of California received around 18,000 likes in the first hour.

Meanwhile, Heidi Gray is following a trend with the new shot: Erotic models have been coming together to take pictures together recently. Probably according to her motto: Two is better.

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