Have Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara reconciled?

The news that Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara reconciled was confirmed with a photo.

Icardi and Wanda Nara, who were on the agenda after the betrayal allegations, reconciled after hours.

The marriage of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara has not been ruined for now. The Argentine football player took permission from the team for his wife, who left the house, and went to Italy. Icardi shared candid photos with Wanda he met. After the cheating allegations, Icardi picked up the slot very quickly.

Mauro icardi and wanda nara reconcile gmspors

While the most talked about marriage in the football world was about to come to an end, a great sacrifice came. Mauro Icardi flew with his family to Italy after getting permission from Psg. The Argentine star met his wife, who accused him of treason. He managed to win her heart in a short time.

Mauro Icardi, who came together with his wife, shared his candid poses on social media. These poses have become a symbol that the marriage is not over. Wanda Nara, “Was it worth leaving your family for a… He shared and deleted all the photos they were together.

Wanda Nara accuses her husband of treason: You ruined your family

PSG’s world-famous star Mauro Icardi and his wife Wanda Nara are on the verge of separation. Nara, who broke up with Maxi Lopez and married Icardi years ago, accused the father of her 2 children of treason with her social media post.

Cold winds blow between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, one of the most famous couples in world football. The duo’s unfollowing each other on Instagram and Nara’s last post were on the agenda in the European press.

Mauro Icardi, who coaches the French giant PSG, allegedly cheated on his wife and manager, Wanda Nara. Wanda Nara shared a post confirming this claim from her social media account.

Wanda, who shared “you destroyed your family for …” from her Instagram story, later deleted this post.

After a while, Wanda Nara, who shared the same post once again, unfollowed her husband Mauro Icardi.

While it was seen that Mauro Icardi also unfollowed Wanda Nara, the duo deleted some of the photos taken together.

Mauro icardi cheated on wanda nara with their friend china suarez 1 gmspors

In the news in the Italian media, it was stated that the duo decided to separate while Mauro Icardi allegedly cheated on Wanda Nara.

Mauro and Wanda have two daughters, aged six and four.

Wanda Nara, who cheated on her ex-wife Maxi Lopez with her teammate Mauro Icardi and later married Icardi, is referred to as the woman of events.

The tension between Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi peaked during the years Lopez played in Serie A.

Icardi, who was with his friend’s ex-wife and later got married, was the target of his friend, while Lopez did not shake Icardi’s hand in the matches they faced.

After Icardi and Nara’s forbidden love affair, Lopez broke up with Nara, the mother of her three children. Wanda Nara has three children with her ex-wife Maxi Lopez.


Wanda Nara, who was born in December 1986, was born in Argentina. Her height is 68 cm, her weight is 56, her sign is Sagittarius, her hair color is yellow, and her eye color is green.

She has a sister named Zaira Nara, who was born in 1988, who is two years younger than her. Her father was businessman Andrés Nara and her mother’s name was Nora Colosimo.

Some of the Instagram posts of Wanda Nara, who announced the betrayal on social media…

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