Haruna Kojima on the cover of “sweet” February issue

Haruna Kojima, who works on the lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to”, shows up in lingerie on the “sweet” February greeting covers! Starting January 16, we will also be developing columnar roll ads at Omotesando station in Tokyo for a period of time.

Haruna Kojima, the former member of the girl group AKB48, is gracing the cover of the February issue of the Japanese magazine “sweet“. In the cover photo, she is wearing a long-sleeved white dress with a pink flower pattern, her hair is styled in a classic bob cut, and she is smiling brightly. Inside the magazine, readers can find an exclusive interview with Haruna about her career, as well as a special feature about her recent activities, including her new music and her upcoming movie role. Fans can also find out about Haruna’s style tips for the winter season and get an exclusive look at her wardrobe. With her bubbly personality and signature style, Haruna is sure to captivate readers in this special issue of “sweet”.

Haruna kojima on the cover of "sweet" february issue

Haruna Kojima, who is a former member of the popular idol group AKB48, has been working as an actress, model and talent since her graduation from the group in 2018. She is now a model for the lingerie brand “ROSIER by Her lip to”, and recently appeared in the February issue of the lingerie magazine “sweet”, wearing lingerie from the brand.

In addition, the brand will be launching a new campaign in Tokyo, featuring columnar roll ads at Omotesando station. The campaign will start on January 16 and run for a limited period of time. The ads will feature Kojima, wearing the latest lingerie from the brand, as well as the brand’s logo and slogan.

Haruna Kojima, producer of “ROSIER by Her lip to”, Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. This brand will be featured on the cover of the February issue of “sweet” (January 12, 2023) published by this brand.

A total of 6 pages of iconic, bold and sophisticated cuts from the lips, full of ROSIER’s new and captivating worldview, expressed in luscious, wearing lingerie from the feel-good Everyday line.
The cover of this issue will also be featured in Omotesando’s corner ads and digital signage for one week from January 16 (Monday) to January 22 (Sunday).

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