Hannah Carroll, defined as the new generation Baba Vanga, became the agenda on social media with her 2022 prophecies

Hannah Carroll, defined as the new generation Baba Vanga, became the agenda on social media with her 2022 prophecies and people started talking about her.

19-year-old Hannah Carroll, who soon became famous on social media as the new generation Baba Vanga, shared her prophecies at the beginning of 2022. As the 18-item prophecy list came true one by one, the eyes turned to Carroll. The most striking of the 2022 prophecies of the famous psychic is the Queen of England II. It was her prediction that Elizabeth would die this year.

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A social media user named Hannah Carroll, who correctly predicted the 10 big events of 2022, became famous in a short time thanks to her prophecies. Sharing her 28 predictions for the current year in January 2022, Carroll stated that her predictions are an internal situation.

Among Carroll’s prophecies for the year 2022, there were more issues that concern the world of celebrities. Popular on social media, the name has gotten 10 events right so far, including Harry Styles and Beyonce’s new albums, Rihanna getting pregnant, and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra welcoming a baby.

Expressing a special interest in the Kardashian family, Carroll made accurate predictions about the relationships between Khloe and Tristan Thompson and Kourtney and Travis Scott. The separation of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, the latest prediction for this family, was confirmed in the past weeks.

“It’s really exciting to see something I predicted happen,” said Carroll, who lives in Foxborough, United States. I love to see them come true. I’ve always been into pop culture and celebrities, so most of my guesses were related to that. “I always knew in advance that something was going to happen.”

Expressing that she made personal readings to users after she became popular on social media, Carroll said, “I now have a job where people send me their own photos and I can sense when they will have a baby, change their career or find love. People are texting me all the time telling me that my predictions have come true, even until the exact date. That’s great to hear. “Many of the predictions I personally made for people have come true and they always tell me how right I am, which is great to hear.”

List of events alleged by Hannah Carroll

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