Hank Schrader, do we know who killed him in Breaking Bad?

Hank Schrader is a fictional character from the TV series Breaking Bad. He is played by Dean Norris. He is the brother of Walter White. He is an agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency. He served for a time in El Paso on the Mexican border, but continued on a large scale in Albuquerque.

Since Better Call Saul’s most memorable season, the show has included unpretentious references to its parent show Breaking Bad and as the prequel has advanced and Jimmy finished his change into Saul Goodman, those references have ended up being progressively self-evident.

This reached a critical stage in the last episode of Better Call Saul as Jimmy McGill at last confronted the outcomes of his activities and his part to play in building Walter White’s criminal realm.

During the discussions for Saul’s supplication bargain, Marie Schrader is welcomed into the space to get some information about the destiny of her better half, Hank, and whether Saul had any impact in his demise during the occasions of Breaking Bad.


Subsequent to being captured by police in Omaha, Nebraska, Saul Goodman participates in discussions with government legal counselors about the chance of cutting a request bargain in return for data.

During exchanges, notwithstanding, Saul inquires as to whether Marie Schrader might want to participate in procedures after he saw that she was available while going into the room.

Marie pulls out all the stops after she is welcomed in and gives her very best for load culpability onto Saul as far as concerns him to play in Hank’s demise.

Nonetheless, Saul being Saul, he figures out how to paint himself as the casualty by saying that he was threatened into working for Walter White – which at last sees him figure out how to give a break that would see him serve only seven years in prison.


Hank Schrader passed on subsequent to being shot in episode 14 of Breaking Bad season 5, named Ozymandias.

The chain of occasions that prompted Hank’s passing started a few episodes before when he at long last assembled the pieces and worked out that Walter White was Heisenberg subsequent to finding a book that had been endorsed by Gale Boetticher in similar penmanship as notes found at Gus Fring’s super lab.

Hank then spent a few episodes working with Jesse Pinkman and endeavoring to assemble an arrangement that would permit him to capture Walt and cut down his medication realm.

In episode 13, Hank organizes a photograph to cause it to seem like Jesse has found Walt’s covered cash, making Walt frenzy and drive out to its concealing spot in the desert.

Nonetheless, when Walt shows up at the cash’s concealing spot, he understands that he’s been deceived and calls a pack of hired gunmen to come to his guide while Hank, Steve Gomez and Jesse are likewise coming.

Episode 13 closures in a ridiculous shootout that sees Steve Gomez kick the bucket while Hank makes due, just to be killed in the initial snapshots of episode 14.

Hank Schrader, do we know who killed him in Breaking Bad?


Hank Schrader was killed by a man named Jack Welker.

Played by Michael Brown, Jack was the head of a group of hoodlums with neo-Nazi and racial oppressor ties who Walter White employed to kill Jesse Pinkman after he discovered that his previous accomplice was helping Hank.

In any case, subsequent to understanding that Hank would be endangered by the posse, Walt endeavored to cancel the hit before the critical standoff in the desert.

However, Walt’s endeavors ended up being short of what was needed as both Steve Gomez and Hank were killed while Jesse was hijacked and held hostage by Jack’s nephew, Todd, played by Jesse Plemons.

In the last episode of Breaking Bad, Walt orders his vengeance against Jack by killing him and his whole posse prior to passing on himself of a gunfire wound.

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