Halsey will perform in Istanbul on September 3

American singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipanei, known as Halsey in the music world, will meet music lovers in Istanbul on September 3 as part of her world tour.

Explaining on her social media account that she has 11 percent Turkish genes in her DNA and that she is “Turkish enough to love baklava”, Halsey will be performing hit songs at her first concert in Istanbul on September 3, organized by URU and Concerts East.

Youtuber Abby Roberts will open the concert in KüçükÇiftlik Park before the artist, who won the audience’s appreciation with her latest album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”.

Halsey puts on a performance that bears traces of different cultures on her stage.

Halsey Celebrity will take the stage with her works

A limited number of tickets are on sale for the concert, which is eagerly awaited by Halsey’s young fans.

Halsey, who is Italian, Hungarian, Irish on her mother’s side and African-American on her father’s side, puts her signature under an energetic performance on the stage that bears traces of different cultures.

The world-famous singer, who has added Turkey, which she has repeatedly expressed her love for, on her first tour after the pandemic and becoming a mother, will be on the stage with her hits that topple the Billboard Hot 100 music charts.

Halsey, who won great acclaim with her latest album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”, will give her thousands of fans an evening full of energy, music, dance and fun on the Istanbul leg of her first tour.

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