Guardiola, Mourinho, Messi and Ronaldo’s comments on Mesut Ozil

We have compiled the statements of the leading names of world football about Mesut Özil, the new transfer of Fenerbahçe, for you. Mesut Ozil, one of the best midfield players in the world, became the agenda in the world after his transfer to the new team.

Fenerbahçe Club is preparing a magnificent ceremony for Mesut Ozil. The quarantine period will expire on Friday, and Mesut’s signature ceremony will be held at the weekend.

During the ceremony, which will be broadcast on FB TV and the club’s social media accounts, a video with the wishes of success of his former teammates who played together in Real Madrid and Arsenal will be shown.

Mesut Ozil, who admired everyone, especially Ronaldo and Messi when he played for Real Madrid and Arsenal, is now in Fenerbahçe.

While the yellow-blue fans are looking forward to the Turkish-origin star coming to the field, we have compiled the statements made by the important names of world football about the 32-year-old football player.


Arsene Wenger: Mesut Ozil is the biggest transfer of the January transfer period. Fenerbahçe’s transfer of Mesut Özil free of charge is a great success. Mesut dribbles better than Zidane. Their techniques are similar. He is not a difficult player to manage. He is a creative actress and an artist. These players are sensitive. It is necessary to prepare the most suitable environment for them.

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Jürgen Klopp: Mesut Ozil great talent

Jürgen Klopp: It has an enormous technical capacity. It is also fast and very effective in scoring paths. He has a vision of the game that can be played in any team. I can say it has all the features it should have.

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Jose Mourinho: one of the best midfielders in the world

Jose Mourinho: Everyone compares Mesut’s style of play to Figo and Zidane. However, it has its own style. Mesut Özil is the top 10 number in the world. He is a star who never forgets where he comes from and never forgets the pleasure of football. I really miss her.

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Pep Guardiola: I have no doubts about its quality. When he loses the team, he is criticized a lot, but the old big players who criticized him forget that they fell into the same situation while playing. I am a fan of Mesut.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Mesut is one of the best footballers on the pitch who understands me

Cristiano Ronaldo: Mesut departure was bad news for me. He was the actor who understood me best. A player who alone can change the fate of the match. I am both sad and angry for leaving.

Lionel Messi: Mesut Ozil’s talent is very nice

Lionel Messi: If I have to pick a German footballer, that would be Mesut Ozil. Not that I want him to play in Barcelona. It is really good quality and I like football very much.