GTA 5 Cheats: GTA V Car, Money, Immortality, Airplane, Weapon, Engine Cheats and Codes

GTA 5 game, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, is among the most popular games in the world. Although it was released in 2013, it continues to be played on game consoles such as XBOX, PS3, PS4 and PCs today. There are some missions that players have to fulfill in this game. Although it is challenging to pass, there are some cheats and codes that will make these tasks easier.

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The GTA establishment has had a long and celebrated history with quick shortcuts, and GTA V bypasses are the same. Rockstar Games stays one of only a handful of exceptional AAA distributers that actually integrate quick and easy bypasses into their games.

The GTA establishment has had some famous shortcuts in games, for example, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, some of which even let you drive vehicles on water. Bypasses are not as famous in that frame of mind as they used to be the point at which the game turned out in 2013, yet they actually hold a spot in gamers’ inclinations, in view of wistfulness and how well the codes actually hold up.

GTA V shortcuts permit players to apply character improvements, change in-game battle, or bring forth vehicles immediately to help make interactivity somewhat more energizing. Like the other GTA establishment sections, there are a plenty of cheats in the game, which permit you to play the game as you would prefer.

Instructions to utilize GTA V shortcuts on PlayStation 4

Type the bypass from the rundown for PS4 given underneath to enact the powers. Also, press the ‘Up’ button and dial the mobile phone number to get the easy shortcuts enacted in GTA 5.

Increase Wanted LevelPs4 r1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 circle Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right
Decrease Wanted LevelPs4 r1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 circle Ps4 r2 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left
Immortality (5 Minutes)Ps4 right Ps4 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 r1 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 Ps4 triangle
Fill Skill MeterPs4 Ps4 Ps4 square Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4
Slow motionPs4 triangle Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 r2 Ps4 r1
Slow Motion ShooterPs4 square Ps4 l2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 triangle Ps4 left Ps4 square Ps4 l2 Ps4 right Ps4
Fast RunningPs4 triangle Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 l2 Ps4 l1 Ps4 square
Fast SwimmingPs4 left Ps4 left Ps4 l1 Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 l2 Ps4 right
Super JumpPs4 l2 Ps4 l2 Ps4 square Ps4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 l2 Ps4 square Ps4 square Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4
SkyfallPs4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right
Reduce GravityPs4 left Ps4 left Ps4 l1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 l1 Ps4 left
Sliding VehiclesPs4 triangle Ps4 r1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 l1
Drunk ModePs4 triangle Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 circle Ps4 left
Change the AirPs4 r2 Ps4 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 l2 Ps4 l2 Ps4 square
Cheat EffectKey Combination
Buzzard Attack HelicopterPs4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 triangle Ps4 circle Ps4 triangle
Stunt PlanePs4 circle Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 left Ps4 left Ps4 Ps4 triangle
Duster PlanePs4 right Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 left Ps4 triangle Ps4 triangle Ps4 Ps4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Comet TrolleyPs4 r1 Ps4 circle Ps4 r2 Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 Ps4  Ps4 square Ps4 r1
Rapid GT TrolleyPs4 r2 Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 circle Ps4 r2
Limousine (Limo)Ps4 r2 Ps4 right Ps4 l2 Ps4 left Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 right
Garbage Truck (Trashmaster)Ps4 circle Ps4 r1 Ps4 circle Ps4 r1 Ps4 left Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 right
Golf Cart (Caddy)Ps4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 Ps4 r1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4
BMX BikePs4 left Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 circle Ps4 triangle Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2
Sanchez EnginePs4 circle Ps4 Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 circle Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 l2 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
PCJ EnginePs4 r1 Ps4 right Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 right Ps4 l2 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Weapons, Items and Combat
Cheat EffectKey Combination
ParachutePs4 left Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 l1
WeaponryPs4 triangle Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 l1 Ps4 Ps4 right Ps4 triangle Ps4 down Ps4 square Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Recharge Health & ArmorPs4 circle Ps4 l1 Ps4 triangle Ps4 r2 Ps4 Ps4 square Ps4 circle Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Bang Bang! (Explosive Bullets)Ps4 right Ps4 square Ps4 Ps4 left Ps4 r1 Ps4 r2 Ps4 left Ps4 right Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Fiery BulletsPs4 l1 Ps4 r1 Ps4 square Ps4 r1 Ps4 left Ps4 r2 Ps4 r1 Ps4 left Ps4 square Ps4 right Ps4 l1 Ps4 l1
Explosive PunchesPs4 right Ps4 left Ps4 Ps4 triangle Ps4 r1 Ps4 circle Ps4 circle Ps4 circle 

A few players are keen on GTA 5 quick shortcuts that radically modify in-game battle. While certain cheats are more minor in nature, others can cause the world to appear to be more turbulent or engaging. Consolidating swindles under this class can upgrade the client’s involvement with GTA 5.

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