GTA 5 cheats for Xbox One: Illustrated

All the cheats you can use in the game for Grand Theft Auto 5, which was released by Rockstar Games for game consoles (Xbox 360, Playstation 3) in 2013, and updated in 2014 and released for new generation consoles (Xbox One, Playstation 4) are as follows.

The following GTA 5 passwords will help you complete the tasks faster and pass the tasks that you have difficulty in passing. With different tricks, you can make the game more enjoyable and get more pleasure. The GTA 5 password list for Xbox 360 and Xbox One is as follows.

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While quick bypasses were a significant staple some time ago, with a few famous ones, for example, the Konami code, they are undeniably less unmistakable at this point. In any case, Rockstar is one of only a handful of exceptional Triple-A studios that actually gives players the choice to utilize quick shortcuts in their marquee title: Grand Theft Auto 5.

Bypasses are the absolute most wonderful parts of the games from the Grand Theft Auto series, and GTA 5 quick shortcuts are no special case for that standard. The title includes various shortcuts going from weapons, wellbeing, and more that increment the component of tomfoolery. Prior to utilizing any GTA 5 undermines your Xbox you ought to save your game.

GTA 5 cheats for Xbox One

Here are the GTA 5 cheats that players can use on Xbox One of every 2022:

The Player and the World
Cheat EffectKey Combination
Increase Wanted LevelXbox1 rb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton
Decrease Wanted LevelXbox1 rb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton
Immortality (5 Minutes)Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 a Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 a Xbox1 y
Fill Skill MeterXbox1 a Xbox1 a Xbox1 Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 a Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 a
Slow motionXbox1 y Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rb
Slow Motion ShooterXbox1 Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 y Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 a
Fast RunningXbox1 y Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lt Xbox1 lb Xbox1
Fast SwimmingXbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rightbutton
Super JumpXbox1 lt Xbox1 lt Xbox1 Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 lt Xbox1 Xbox1 Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 a
SkyfallXbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton
Reduce GravityXbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 leftbutton
Sliding VehiclesXbox1 y Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 lb
Drunk ModeXbox1 y Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 b Xbox1 leftbutton
Change the AirXbox1 rt Xbox1 a Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 lt Xbox1 lt Xbox1
Cheat EffectKey Combination
Buzzard Attack HelicopterXbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 y Xbox1 b Xbox1 y
Stunt PlaneXbox1 b Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 a Xbox1 y
Duster PlaneXbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 y Xbox1 y Xbox1 a Xbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Comet TrolleyXbox1 rb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 a Xbox1 a  Xbox1 Xbox1 rb
Rapid GT TrolleyXbox1 rt Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 b Xbox1 rt
Limousine (Limo)Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rightbutton
Garbage Truck (Trashmaster)Xbox1 b Xbox1 rb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rightbutton
Golf Cart (Caddy)Xbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 a Xbox1 rb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 a
BMX BikeXbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 b Xbox1 y Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt
Sanchez EngineXbox1 b Xbox1 a Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 b Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 lt Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
PCJ EngineXbox1 rb Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lt Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Weapons, Items and Combat
Cheat EffectKey Combination
ParachuteXbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb
WeaponryXbox1 y Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 a Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 y Xbox1 downbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Recharge Health & ArmorXbox1 b Xbox1 lb Xbox1 y Xbox1 rt Xbox1 a Xbox1 Xbox1 b Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Bang Bang! (Explosive Bullets)Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 a Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rb Xbox1 rt Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Fiery BulletsXbox1 lb Xbox1 rb Xbox1 Xbox1 rb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 rt Xbox1 rb Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 Xbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 lb Xbox1 lb
Explosive PunchesXbox1 rightbutton Xbox1 leftbutton Xbox1 a Xbox1 y Xbox1 rb Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 b Xbox1 lt

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