Gracyanne Barbosa’s abs pop out of her swimsuit

Fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa diving in a swimsuit, Fans love her abs.

Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa Vieira is a Brazilian fitness model and Carnaval dancer. Born on September 20, 1983 (age 39), Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, the model looks pretty hot despite her age.

Gracyanne Barbosa is one of the most special female models that attracts attention with her physical appearance.

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Gracyanne Barbosa talks about Belo’s supposed lovers

Gracyanne Barbosa revealed in an interview with ‘TV Fama’ that she received messages from many people who allegedly were her husband Belo’s girlfriend.

The fitness muse, who has been together for 13 years, revealed that she forgot the number of messages her husband was cheating on.

“There are really so many rumors that I forgot how many pictures I took from shows [with other women],” she admitted. But Gracy said she prefers not to pay attention to such things.

According to her, all the messages she receives are lies and she prefers to believe her husband and marriage. With good humor, he also commented, “If I go after everyone who loves Belo, I won’t do anything else.”

It is worth remembering that Gracyanne has already admitted that she had lovers in Belo’s former marriage to Viviane Araujo. In an interview with ‘Lisa, Leve e Solta’, the businesswoman commented on the rumors that the singer was going to be his girlfriend while she was with the drum queen.

Barbosa made it clear that this wasn’t the case: Belo had an affair with Belo two months before he married Viviane, and the two continued their relationship after their divorce.

“There was a third when they broke up and we took over. I think there was a third, there was a fourth, I already talked about that,” she said, referring to a possible Belo lover.

On the other hand, Gracy implied that it wasn’t just her husband who cheated in the former relationship: “Belo went crazy, not for her own sake, she [Viviane] was also in another relationship”.

Gracyanne Barbosa doing facial alignment

Gracyanne Barbosa showed the result of an operation she did on her face using social media. The fitness muse shared before and after images of her pairing.

According to Barbosa, the shape of her “square” face bothered her. With her discomfort, the model sought a professional to make smooth changes to her face.

“The doctor replaced my face with a little product,” she said.

Also, according to her muse, the specialist would have used botulinum toxin on her masseter muscle (from chewing), stuffing her chin to elongate her face, and harmonizing her lip. “The top was bigger than the bottom one,” Gracyanne said.

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