Gracie Hartie seeks help for Onlyfans

As Gracie Hartie seeks help for Onlyfans, she explains her job description: Taking sexually explicit photos of a young woman.

A woman named Gracie Hartie, who earns her living by selling her photos on social media, posted an employee posting with a salary of £34 thousand a year. Hartie asks recruits to take pictures and travel with her.

With the spread of social media, new business lines began to emerge. A woman named Gracie Hartie, who earns a living by selling her photos on the internet, announced that she started looking for an employee with an interesting job description in her official website.

Gracie hartie seeks help for onlyfans

Stating that she will make an annual payment of 34 thousand pounds in British currency, Gracie Hartie requests job applicants to take sexually explicit photos of her and to assist her on travels.

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The interest in the advertisement given by Gracie Hartie was also great. According to the data obtained from the official website of the woman, more than a thousand applications were made to the job posting in just 3 minutes. Who will be hired will become clear in the coming days.

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