Good news for those who produce content for YouTube! Making shorts is now easier

YouTube took a new step for Shorts, heating up the competition with reTikTok. The new feature was introduced to users with the update.

The world’s most popular video sharing platform YouTube continues to gain new features. The company, which has been focusing on short videos called Shorts for a while to better compete with TikTok and Instagram, has finally introduced a new feature that makes it easier to produce content. With its new feature, the company offers users the opportunity to take some sections of the videos and share them in the “YouTube Shorts” section. This feature of YouTube was leaked before, but now it is available to users with the new update.

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In order for users to use this new feature coming to YouTube, they must first check whether the video is suitable for this process. Since the company leaves the content producer’s permission to use the videos as Shorts, if the content is approved, the “create” button is seen at the bottom of the video with the Shorts logo.

After clicking this button, users are presented with three options. The first option allows users to use only the audio of the video, while the second option allows you to cut a specific part from the video. The third option is presented as “green screen”, and with this feature, the user can add the video he chooses to the background while adding his own video to the front.

Why did users compare the new feature of Shorts to TikTok?

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YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows video producers to create 60-second videos. However, the TikTok app introduced this feature first. On top of that, YouTube’s Shorts move reminded users of TikTok. But in fact, Shorts’ goal was for content producers to promote their own videos within a certain amount of time.

Today, both media platforms are actively used by many people. Generally, many people liken Shorts videos to TikTok because the company has set the time limit for Shorts as 60 seconds, as with its Chinese competitor, and users have the right to record and share videos for a maximum of 1 minute. While TikTok aims to increase the video duration to 10 minutes, Youtube competes with TikTok with this move. The biggest difference is that YouTube makes this feature available for promotion.

In order to use the YouTube application, your phone must be at least Android 4.4 on the Android side, and for Apple, your device must be at least IOS13, otherwise you may not be able to use this new feature because the company has stopped updating support for devices with lower versions.

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