St. Thomas U’s GOP chief Gisela Medina arrested in Florida for alleged sex trafficking

ST. Thomas U’s GOP president, Gisela Medina, was arrested in Florida for alleged sex trafficking and made a big splash in the US.

The 19-year-old woman was arrested in Florida on suspicion of sex trafficking, and it was learned that her name was Gisela Medina.

st. Thomas Us GOP chief Gisela Medina arrested in Florida for alleged sex trafficking GMSPORS

The 19-year-old seat of the University of St. Thomas College Republicans has been captured in Florida on charges she helped an unmistakable state GOP extremist in enlisting and dealing minors for sex, as per a news delivery and prison records.

On Saturday, the Minnesota College Republicans gave a news discharge saying Gisela Castro Medina was captured, alongside Anton “Tony” Lazzaro, 30, on doubt of “check of equity, sex dealing, and trick to submit sex dealing of underage casualties.”

Lazzaro was captured Thursday and accused of one tally of scheme to submit sex dealing of minors, five tallies of sex dealing of minors, one check of endeavored sex dealing of a minor, and three tallies of deterrent of equity, the U.S. Lawyer reported last week.

st. Thomas College University Republicans seat Gisela Medina has been captured in a youngster sexual trick examination.

st. Thomas College University Republicans chair Gisela Medina has been arrested in a child sexual conspiracy investigation. GMSPORS

Specialists have captured a 19-year-elderly person who is the seat of the University of St. Thomas College Republicans regarding the youngster sex trick case that on Thursday saw the incrimination of GOP usable Anton Lazzaro.

The Okaloosa County Jail in Florida at present records Gisela Medina, of St. Paul, as being held in authority as an “out of state criminal from equity.” She was moved out of the sheriff’s office’s guardianship on Friday.

The Daily Beast this week broke the report about his capture, and how the FBI looked through his extravagance condominium in midtown Minneapolis back in December in a quest for proof about whom he was acquiring and out of the structure.

Court records presently show that specialists held onto his 2010 convertible Ferrari, $371,240 in U.S. bills, grouped money from 10 different nations, gold bullion as of now worth more than $931,000, a comparable measure of silver, and 13 telephones—including one explicitly intended to be immediately cleaned of information with a solitary swipe.

In the days since his capture, Republicans in Minnesota have been removing themselves from Lazzaro. At the point when The Daily Beast talked with him in July, weeks before his capture, he undermined this correspondent for examining his activities.

At that point, he guaranteed: “There’s nothing to this case. It’s not some Matt Gaetz or whatever you think this is.”

Unintentionally, his partner was imprisoned in Okaloosa County, which is situated in Gaetz’s legislative region in Florida.

Is Gisela Medina On Instagram?

After her arrest, it became a matter of curiosity whether the 19-year-old girl was on Instagram. Many curious news readers began to show interest in the posts about ‘Gisela Medina’ on social media.

However, in our research, we did not find an active Instagram account used by Gisela Medina.

However, it was alleged that Gisela Medina was a very active user on Instagram a few weeks ago and deactivated her account.