Gina Carano fired from “The Mandalorian”

Gina Carano Expelled From The Mandalorian After Posting Humiliating Jews

The famous actress Gina Carano, who shared a post that humiliated the Jews on Instagram Stories, was removed from the cast of The Mandalorian after the growing reactions in social media. Lucasfilm spokesperson said the posting was disgusting and unacceptable.

The Mandalorian star Gina Carano, who previously appeared in movies such as Deadpool, Fast & Furious 6 and Bloody Chase, was removed from the cast of the popular Disney + series set in the Star Wars universe after a controversial Instagram post.

A spokesperson for Lucasfilm, the producer of The Mandalorians, said Gina Carano is no longer in the company’s plans and is not expected to happen in the future. The spokesperson said it was disgusting and unacceptable for Carano to insult people for their cultural and religious identity.

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American actress Gina Carano, who described being a Republican in the USA as being a Jew during the Nazi Germany period, was removed from the cast of the TV series “The Mandalorian”.

There was a shocking breakup in The Mandalorian series, which gained a large audience worldwide after its release on Disney’s digital platform in the USA.

The famous actress Gina Carano, who played the character “Cara Dune” in the production set in the Star Wars universe, was removed from the cast. It was learned that this decision was made after a post by Carano on social media. In the post, 38-year-old Carano compared being a Republican in the USA to being a Jew during the Nazi Germany period.

The production company of the series Lucasfilm said, “Gina Carano has no ties to Lucasfilm. There are no plans for this in the future.”

Carano, who was an MMA fighter before her acting career, made critical posts about the fraudulent 2020 Presidential elections in the USA and those who wear masks. According to the Hollywood Reporter’s claim, while Lucasfilm was waiting for the opportunity to fire Carano, it was stated that the latest incident set the stage for this.

If Carano was not removed from The Mandalorian cast, a separate series project for Cara Dune, one of the prominent characters, would be considered.

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#FireGinaCarano tag is on the agenda around the world

Gina Carano first shared an article in a post she shared on Instagram Stories, which degraded the Jews. Later, she shared a photo of a person who exaggerated her work on wearing a mask and mocked him at wearing a mask, which is considered one of the most important measures against COVID-19.

Although Carano deleted both posts in a short time, the posts were seen by enough people and with the distribution of the screenshots on social media, the #FireGinaCarano tag on Twitter suddenly entered the world agenda. As a result, Carano, who played the Cara Dune character in The Mandalorian, was removed from the series’ cast.

In fact, these two posts, which caused the famous actor to be removed from The Mandalorian’s cast, were not Carano’s first incidents. Gina Carano had previously faced backlash for her anti-transgender posts and her liking for tweets that link systemic fascism in the US to extremist leftism. In a sense, the posts last night were the last drops that broke the glass.