Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik and The Clue From Their Relationship For The First Time Since Getting Together

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik Their Babies Are Coming Soon After Their Relationship

Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik Babies Are Coming to Earth Long After Relationships. The incredible love of the Palestinian-born model and Arab-born singer did not fall off the agenda for a while. The couple who look great together will eventually have a daughter. The beautiful model gigi Hadid, 7 months pregnant, expects to experience the excitement of being a 25-year-old mother.

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Gigi Hadid gave one among her most candid, extended interviews of the year yesterday when she and makeup artist Erin Parsons did a tutorial for Maybelline on Instagram Live. She touched on her pregnancy and rumors she has gotten cosmetic surgery . Then toward the top of the livestream, Hadid spoke a touch about her boyfriend Zayn Malik, the daddy of her baby.

Hadid and Malik are off and on for years, but Hadid hadn’t spoken publicly at length about him in over a year. After their first breakup (and make-up) in 2018, Hadid and Malik started keeping their relationship more private and largely out of the press. And since they started dating again at the top of 2020, Hadid hadn’t answered any questions explicitly about him…until yesterday.

Hadid shared some rare remarks about their dynamic now when Parsons and Hadid were discussing her finished look. Hadid lamented not having anywhere to travel with such good makeup, then spoke about Malik, who’s quarantining together with her in Pennsylvania.

“My mans goes to be like,” Hadid clasped her hands together and smirked. “You know what’s so funny, is that I don’t think that he like, obviously once I enter from work, are often like, ‘Oh that’s an Erin look,’ or ‘That’s sort of a Patrick [Ta] look,’ or whatever, but he does really love, like, he—how do I say it? He reacts the foremost excited when Erin does my makeup without knowing. He’ll be like, ‘Wow, you look amazing.'”

“I think I even have this knack for trying—I don’t necessarily try, I can’t help it, to try to to quite ultra sexy [makeup looks] sometimes,” Parsons said.

“Right,” Hadid agreed.

“I don’t know why that is…” Parson mused.

“That’s so funny,” Hadid cut in. “I’ll be like, ‘it’s an Erin look.’ You’re his favorite makeup artist without knowing.”

“Really? Aww, Z!” Parson gushed.

“I don’t even know if he knows that, but I notice it,” Hadid said.

“I like what I do,” Parsons said. “Sometimes, I’m like, what does one think, Z? Does it look good? Just just in case I can’t sell you thereon , and when he says yes then I’m like, sold, sold. I won.”

“Although I don’t think he’s ever like ‘no,'” Hadid added.

“No, he’s never said no,” Parsons agreed. “I don’t think he would ever be mean like that.”

Mommy Cookie Brought Baby

Hadid, 25, and Malik, 27, kept the baby news secret at first. The young couple, who spent the coronavirus quarantine together at Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid’s farm, later confirmed the pregnancy news.

Hadid announced that they were expecting a baby with her lover Zayn Malik in the online program of Jimmy Fallon, who was a guest during the quarantine period. Hadid, the guest of Jimmy Fallon, thanked everyone who sent them their good wishes, stating that they are expecting a baby with his lover Malik.

Hadid has been sharing the poses she gave with the contribution of her cameraman, make-up and designer friends on her Instagram page for a few days.

The love story of Gigi Hadid, whose real name is Jelena Noura Hadid, as a member of the One Direction band, decam edeh Zayn Malik, after her music career alone, is similar to the movie.


One of the best-looking couples in the show business got back together after a long separation. Moreover, it was the “mother cookie” that warmed again between the couple who separated and reconciled before and then separated their ways once again.


This was interpreted as the young couple, who broke up and made peace twice before, could not stand the separation and came together again. According to reports in the US press, Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Foster, is extremely pleased that her daughter is reunited with Zayn Malik. Yolanda Hadid was also extremely happy with the pregnancy news.

The allegations regarding the reconciliation story of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are also interesting.

According to these, the 24-year-old Hadid shared an image of Zayn Malik applying a cookie recipe he received from his mother during their time together in the stories section of the Instagram page. It became a sign, and after that the couple got back together.

Gigi Hadid was also close with his family when he was with Zayn Malik. Hadid and Malik, both of whom were Muslim fathers, celebrated religious holidays with their families. Hadid’s father is Mohamed Hadid, known as real estate tycoon.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik first started dating in 2015. Separating their ways later, the couple met again in 2018. But they left in January 2019. Gigi Hadid was with Tyler Cameron at the time.
He then left him. According to the latest allegations, Hadid and Malik met again.

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